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What attracts you to people?

Asked by nikipedia (27526points) April 29th, 2008

I like it when men fix things and teach me things.

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Gotta admit, I’m a sucker for blue eyes…

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gravity. that and boobs.

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I love to mingle with people and just plain start a conversation about anything, anywhere at any time. I am not a loner, so I like having lots of friends

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Contrasts, contradictions, surprise, intrigue, “je ne sais quoi”, curiosity….....

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Age and/or wisdom and finding my jokes funny.

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Humor, desire to learn new things, dark eyes, ability to cook tasty food

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I like girls that are flirty.

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Humor, compassion, sincerity, when they show more interest in others than in themselves,

It doesn’t hurt if they have a big bowl of nacho cheese and chips

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Wit. Maturity. Fellow humanists. Environmentalism. Education. Lack of machismo.

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I’m always drawn to gentler kind folks.

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folks who are always smiling and seem genuinely happy no matter waht

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Humor, intelligence, an open, inquiring mind.

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Definitely humor, especially someone that can laugh at themselves and not take everything so seriously. Someone that has a sense of self but is not cocky.

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Smile, eyes and intelligence, it also helps to be able to hold a conversation.

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Hey kev, that would be me.
I’m attracted to sweetness.

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Sense of humor is tops on my list, followed very closely by compassion, understanding and open- mindedness.

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@susanc, Cue Marvin!

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That’s what I mean, Kev!
“givin your love to me can never be wrong (oo) if your love is true.”
True sweetness.
You made my day. Again.

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susanc and kev… get a room! ha ha!!

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i always try and be best buds with the kid that has a skateboard ramp in his backyard. I also like people that make me laugh and old men that tell stories about the good old days.

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Intelligence, sarcasm and compassion

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@scamp: I would get a room with kevbo if he hadn’t said that thing somewhere else
about his attention-getting package. TMI! Cyberlurve for me.

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But what about the all the good times we’ve shared? The laughter and the tears?

Remember Marvin? Can’t we just get back to Marvin?

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positive body language, the way eyes can speak, the bright aura of ones light.

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Oh Marvin. Yes, Tammy. Ain’t nothin like the real thing, baby. No, no.

kev, you were always my fantasy. Yet the
laughter and the tears we shared were real to me and always will be.
And I believe there is a future for us kevbo. Somewhere, somewhere there’s a place for us. A time and place for us. Hold my hand and we’re halfway there. Because that
place is very close. Yes, it’s very close. It’s .. it’s right here… it’s fluther… oh my heart is fluthering so….

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Do we have a front row seat to the first ever fluther hook-up here?? Awwww how sweet!

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I was thinking that too….

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awww…...ain’t love grand?

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Let them have their privacy!

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no way! they flaunt it – we pick on it…....rules is rules ;)

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Now you know why some guys don’t like public affection, because its looked at as flaunting and wildflowers and scamps like to go home with them and watch.

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ah see, but some might be aiming for just that…’s all very subjective and depends on what floats your boat…
...and who says it’s just some ‘guys’ that dislike public displays of affection?

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Go home with them and watch? I told them to get a room!

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@susan, no matter how much I get from other fluthers, nobody lurves me the way you do.

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Wildflower, bless you for showing me how to send this about kevbo. Hope this works.

@all: plenty of people may lurve kev the way I do. Let me tell you why I do though.
He’s wise. He’s kind. He’s generous. He sticks to the point. He takes care of
business, getting relevant information for people who ask for it. He’s appreciative.
He’s funny. What’s not to lurve? And our relationship
has been lifting my spirits and making me laugh so much – as has all the commentary.
I have a husband I adore, ill with lung cancer. Not that ill yet, but he’s not likely to recover, and we’re sad together while hellbent on enjoying all the time we’re allotted. To have someone like kevbp be so nice to me, that’s pretty lurvely.
Maybe we’ll get a room someday. We could watch us some tv and tell stories in it.
Anyone could come by. Thanks for all the encouragement.

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@susanc You’re right about kevbo. He is a great guy, and I agree with everything you said above about him. and you are a remarkable lady. We were just teasing the two of you. Thanks for taking it in stride. I’m so sorry about your husband’s illness. I’ll keep you both in my prayers.

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Hey scamp the teasing has been part of the spirit lift. Thanks for teasing and prayers too.

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@ kevbo – you had me at simpson’s trivia (interests) ! That alone rules!

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yaay…..I’m an enabler for Fluther lurve..!

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@susan & scamp, Geez. What do I say to that?

Thank you both. And thanks, susan, for the song. That put a smile on my face.

@Bri L, Excellent.

(And don’t I remember you from educational films such as “Alice’s Adventures through the Windshield Glass,” “Lead Paint: Delicious but Deadly,” and “Fuzzy Bunny’s Guide to You-Know-What”?)

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@ kevbo Awsome reference!! That is the one where Fuzzy bunny discovered he had fur where he had none before and never gave in to his biological urges.

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@susanc I once read a true story of a man who was dying from cancer. Doctor sent him home so he told his wife to get the funniest movies, joke magazines, and anything else that will make him laugh and have a great time. He wanted to have a ball the last few days of his life. Time passed longer than he expected to live, so he went back to the hospital to have a check up; turned out that his cancer was reducing in size. Try it, you have nothing to lose and with prayer it will help.

I also heard another case in Malaysia where a doctor gave his cancer patient pure oxygen to breath. Cancer cells abound when there is lack of oxygen. This treatment allowed his patient to have less pain. It didn’t cured him but at least made it less painful.

I encourage all of you here on fluther to pray for susanc’s husband that a miracle be done to heal him from this terrible disease.

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A sense of humor, pretty eyes, and height.

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Someone who can laugh or smile easily. Someone who looks directly at you when talking to you. Someone who listens to you. Appearance wise I look for some who dresses similar to me (same band shirts or horror movie shirts) and who looks different…def not the suit and tie kinda guy.

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Intelligence without being condescending or patronizing. Sense of humor but not the immaturity that tends to come along with it. Compassion, but not overwhelming. A slight dose of sarcasm, I’m a sucker for. Confidence but NOT arrogance, or narcissism. Oh and nice manly hands, stunning eyes, a smile I could never stop watching, and a healthy, “I take care of myself and care about my appearance but not too much” appearance. Yeah.

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Definitely personality more than looks – sense of humor, honesty, self confidence without superiority, intelligence, open to new things and constantly learning….a southern accent is nice too :)

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A sense of humor, decency and compassion. I’m a sucker for a soft heart.

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Fact from fiction, truth from diction. Their temperment, can’t stand being around hot heads. There reasoning and ethics, how well they command logic illogical people vex me terribly. Some one who can actually think outside-the-box. Someone with a mind of wonder. Someone who is a good capitalist. Someone who is “color blind”.

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What is with the ‘fact from fiction, truth from diction’ thing? It doesn’t even make sense!

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@delirium Dissected correctly it does. “fact from fiction”: What I attempt to bring you is what I believe is the facts as best I know it, in other words not knowingly an lie. “Truth from diction” Since I believe the facts true I believe I am providing as true account of the facts and not diction, words, hot air, BS etc. It is my elocution thank heavens we live in a nation where I can freely have one, It may not make much sense on the surface to many people but do uttering “oh my God” while having great sex with someone you are not married to make any sense? Or uttering “Jesus f****** Christ!” when you are angry or frustrated?

Response moderated
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You do realize that regardless of whether or not you say “fact from fiction”, we know that you’re giving us your best opinion?
You do realize that regardless of whether or not you say “truth from diction”, we know that you think what you say is true?

Those are givens on a QA site. It doesn’t have to be explained.

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@delirium I pointed out to @Hypocrisy_Central a while ago that their beginning statement makes no sense at all. That basically they’re making a rude, hypocritical statement that their words are the truth like no one else’s are, that they know the one and only truth. No matter how they try and explain it away.

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@johnpowell @Sarcasm Wow man, WOW! A phrase or wording you don’t understand or can’t phantom we are going to get stuck on that? Don’t listen to it if you don’t like it or it makes no since. See it the same as someone uttering “Jesus f****** Christ” if they jamb their toe or drop their burger or something. That makes no since to me but I don’t debate it usage with anyone so incline to use it, same as those fornicating like mad and saying “Oh my God” because they are getting parts of their body manipulated in a way they think is fantastic.

@avvooooooo Do NOT try to put word into my mouth or try to figure out where my head is. I said “what I believe is the truth”. Do you often go around telling people things you don’t believe is the truth? No? Then why do you figure I am? For someone who is trying to accuse someone of being “holier than thou” you seem to know the truth about me and believe me you don’t know .001% of it. If you are going to throw stones in a glass house you better make sure all the windows are open.

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@Hypocrisy_Central I really, really doubt you understand the meaning of what you’re saying and how the words change with the way you’re using them. If you did, I really don’t think you’d be using them the way you are.

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@avvooooooo I know the meaning of the words I use and my intent of using them. Ihave explained my position, you may or most likely not agree, but I have a Constitutional right to use them and anyone else has a consitutional right it ignore it. If we had a commitee that decided which words were relevant or proper to use for whatever there would be 100,000s of words dumped from the dictionary. Do everyone agree with the saying “she is built like a brick s*** house”? So some it means nothing at all, to others it would be less than flattering and others still it is a complement. Rather than trying to explain away why those who feel it is a complement when it may not be to you, just ignore it, doing so will not compromise your day one iota. It is an axiom of mine, I know what I mean when I use it, and you will see it for quite some time as long as I am here, anyhow, so, zip pass that part onto the rest of the comment etc and do not let it trouble you. And if a bird craps on your just bought burger you can yell “Jesus f****** Christ!” as loud as you want or whatever else you would say in such an incident and I will let you not trying to make any sense out of it, or dwelling on if there had to be sense of it.

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@Hypocrisy_Central Your intent, and the meaning that everyone else is getting, are two different things. It really doesn’t matter what your intent is when you don’t get the meaning of what you’re saying and how it differs from the intent. I’m sure you’ve been told this before about your little saying. The meaning of it is somewhat insulting, even if the intent is not.

Way, way off topic.

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when i see a person ..i wonder…hmmm…wonder if they got any money….................. just kiding…

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Positive attitude… and humor.

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By how much they’re like me! ;)

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