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Does anyone get nostalgic for an old relationship?

Asked by witchhazel (143points) April 29th, 2008

Hi, I’m new here so I thought I’d just jump in. I have a friend who’s recently confided in me that her relationships aren’t working because she’s still in love with her ex girlfriend that treated her like crap. She’s met other people that are wonderful and she’d be lucky to have them in her life. When I’ve had a relationship end, it’s over so I’m having a hard time understanding her plight. Any one else that can’t get over their past?

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I think every so often a memory can be triggered and make you nostalgic. For me it’s usually quite clear that it’s just as much nostalgia over the place, time, feeling I had, people I was around as the relationship I was in and it doesn’t change that any ended relationship had a good reason for ending.
So, nostalgia – sure, stuck on past relationships – no.

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Not me. It hurts for a little while, but once I’m done, I’m done. I do look back and have fond memories of some, but that’s about it.

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In my early 20s, I lost a girl way before I was ready to let her go. It took me at least a year to get over it if not two, and five and six years later I started having dreams about us reuniting. I’m over it now, but at the time it was painful. Looking back, she wasn’t really even that good for me, but as is oft repeated “the heart wants what it wants.”

My lack of sympathy would stem more from her jumping into relationships without having gotten over the original one that is giving her trouble. I’ve always taken time to get the previous relationship out of my system. Instead of rebounding left and right, she should try to get some closure.

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I think I get nostalgic for certain moments and/or feelings that were a product of relationships I have had. But I can in a moments time remember a million reasons why I left those behind and am grateful for where I am right now.

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