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Which beach hair products is the best?

Asked by xTheDreamer (881points) May 15th, 2010

I have straight Asian hair and sometimes I want to change up my hair style. I’ve seen some “how to get beach hair tutorials” and different people have shown different products that they’ve used to get the beach hair.

So I want to know which of these products are the best to use for my kind of hair:
– Garnier Fructis Style Surf Hair Texture Paste Matte Effect.
– Garnier Fructis Style Surf Hair Texture Wax Matte Effect.
– Sebastian Crude Clay (heard it’s hard to get because it’s discontinued)
– Alterna Hemp Hair Concrete
– Alterna Hemp Seed Sculpting Putty

Or if you know any other great beach hair product, preferably wax/gel/clay not spray of some sort let me know

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go to the salon
You always risk your hair straight up falling out.

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I don’t know anything about caucatian hair(white ppl’s hair) But I suggest you look up on youtube for blair or julieg713, they have almost everything you are looking for.

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I only know how to get beach hair through salt water. I hear Bumble & bumble does a good salt water mixture, if you can afford it. I just mix up my own.

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Yeah I hear that most people just use salt water in a spray bottle like @papayalily said.
Out of the ones you listed I’d go with the name brand, Garnier Fructis.
The other ones sound iffy, and would probably smell funny.

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Oh! I thought you meant BLEACH. It was early, sorry! :P

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I like TIGI Totally Beachin Waves. I get it at Beauty Brands. You could probably get it at Ulta as well. If your hair has natural waves, just spray this in after you wash, when your hair is wet and let it air dry or scrunch while you blow dry. The blow dry will give you more volume. I would also apply a shine serum (any kind) but just a dime size (I have very thick hair that is down to the middle of my back). Flip your hair upside down and apply the shine serum to the underneath and then to the rest of your hair so it doesn’ t weigh it down or look greasy. If you don’t have any natural wave, apply your product of choice, then braid your hair and sleep on it.

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I personally Love not to use wax, because mixing with salted water can cause the hair to fall out!! Not that being bald isn’t sexy. But salt water has enough groove to spike your hair! Not to mention if your going with that mermaid style hair ladies just dab on some sea weed!

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try stiff pure clay – works just like sebastian crude clay did, its about $30 for 100gm

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you can buy it online from their website

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