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Treehouse, houseboat or submarine?

Asked by gabefriedman (7points) April 29th, 2008

Which would you rather live in/on for three months: a treehouse, a houseboat or a submarine? Assume all were well-appointed and the submarine could surface as needed.) Show your work!

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Treehouse, absolutely. Its the least dangerous, and seems like it has the most potential for expandability and freedom.

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Houseboat. Whether on a canal or an actual boat at sea.

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Submarine, it would be life-changing. I secretly (not so much anymore) have always wanted to eat the cool stuff that Captain Nemo does in Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea.
Plus I’m a huge fan of Jacques-Yves Cousteau.

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Dude, a tree house is the way to go for sure. How many of you can remember when you were kids and you wanted a tree house and your parents were like “No George, your swing set is good enough”. Well I do, so to be able to live in a tree house for 3 months at the current age im at now would be awesomeness, as long as it included and or allowed access to electricity, pluming, ect.

So when i get my Tree House who wants to come and party? Ill start to take R.S.V.P.‘s now. =]

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tree house! i’d get sea sick the first 20 minutes on the other two, ahaha

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I’ve spent a few overnights in a huge tree house my friends and I built in Maui. Trust me, it’s not so rad when you wake up and there are scorpions and furry spiders all over the walls.

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@peedub Yeah, i understand that, but im talking about a luxury tree house, with the works, hell maybe even a butler or 2 =D

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Dude, we can swap pads. The sub will be pretty posh, don’t worry.

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Alright thats tight, dude your should drive your sub to the edge of my Tree House, its located by the ocean, and then we could have a Uber Parties, or just chill.

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I wouldn’t mind living on a yacht going from port to port exploring the world.

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For sure. I bring the sushi and the mermaids.

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i’d go submarine. that would be awesome, think about it, you’d get to see ‘stuff’ that more than likely you don’t see everyday of your life.

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treehouse all the way! Would I HAVE to leave after 3 months though?

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Those who are interested in tree life should look up Julia Butterfly (tree) Hill.

She lived in a tree for 738 days to save it. It was a 600 year old redwood. She is one of my heroes.

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Houseboat. Water, and a sun deck for my lover.

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houseboats arent really good vehicles for cruising the ocean, they’re really just floating houses… so I would have to say treehouse, due to the risks of living at crazy depths for three months (the benz?). It would be a really nice treehouse, like how iceblu’s sounds.

ack! spiders and scorpions!

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There is actually a guy in Santa Cruz who is renting out his treehouse for three months this summer. It’s listed on CraigsList.

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Can the submarine be yellow???

Id definitely go for the sub you get to explore the depths of the ocean for three months which would be awesome. Especially since theres a pretty strong chance you will see some creature thats never been seen by humans before.

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“We all live in a yellow submarine, a yellow submarine, a yellow submarine.”

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Better yet i want my submarine to take me to the sea of holes next to the sea of green and then arrive at Pepperland. That’d be a fun 3 months ^_^.

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Since trees usually have a huge root system, I would go for a floating tree with a tree house on it. Never been done before so perhaps would be cool, huh!! What ya’ll think?

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@ed, is it a submersible treehouse?

stop trying to have the best of all worlds!

pick one. GOSH

[most of the attitude in this response was in jest]

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@ezraglenn maybe we could put our ideas together and come up with a new design, huh!! I know it sounds utopic but I’ve heard of wild designs before, you never know. I remember one of those 007 movies where Bond is coming out of the ocean on a white car-submarine. That’s where the world gets creative….crazy you may think?

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@ed – you’re right about scorpions. I spent a night in a treehouse on maui and between the water running down the trunk (in the middle of the house) and the bugs, well, it was far from the ideal.

But I still dream…

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Whoa, my scorpion treehouse experience (see above) was on Maui as well?

Was the treehouse in Kihei by chance?

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Why can’t I have a treehouseboatarine? Think about it – a house made out of tree bark that can be located underwater. It’s genius. I’d just need a tube to get back to land; that is if I want to go back to traffic, politics, and fast food-induced illnesses.

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