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Help! Why isn't my mp3 player showing up on my computer?

Asked by LalaLand5 (22points) July 14th, 2011

I figure it’s the USB cord that’s messed up, because a few days ago it was working. The mp3 is connected, but right now it is not showing up on “my computer”. I want to add songs so I don’t know what else to do. Other times it will be plugged in, but the player will be only charging, and not actually connected to the computer to add/delete songs.. What should I do ? I don’t have another USB at the moment and I’m trying to get this fixed. It’s a Sansa USB player. Help! Thank you :)

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Check in your services, maybe it just needs to be manually started or the driver needs to be rolled back….Sounds like it’s probably a driver issue though. Go to the sansa website and download new drivers.

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With the Sansa it has a proprietary USB cable doesn’t it? So no trying a USB cord from another gadget.
Have you tried a different USB port on the computer?

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