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Is the 3 question per day limit based on a 24 hour period per user, or does the clock reset daily for everyone at the same time (see details)

Asked by ANef_is_Enuf (25184points) July 18th, 2011

I noticed today that a user asked 6 questions in less than a 24 hour period.

Does that mean that everyone gets to start over again at a certain time of day, despite when they asked their 3 questions?

Is this a glitch?

I’m confused.

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I thought it was a 12 hour time period. And I was under the impression that it is rolling. Like it would simply query the DB for the timestamp on the third last question you asked. If that was less than 12 hours ago you wouldn’t be allowed to post.

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@johnpowell that would explain it. I thought it was 24 hours.

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Is 12 hrs? I thought 24 as well.

Anyway, I’m fairly sure that fluther’s definition of a “day” is a calendar day on the west coast. Since I’m 15hrs ahead right now, I notice that I get my ”+1 for visiting two days in a row” when I jump on after 3:00 PM.

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I think it resets around midnight, maybe on the West coast as well.

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Well. Back to square one. I wonder what the real situation is. I really thought it was 24, if it were 12 we would get 6 questions per day… right?

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@If you asked three questions at 10:00 PM and then three questions at 2:00 AM I think it works, but then you’re done until 12:00 pm for the second day

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I think it’s based on your local time. If you login from the same pc / phone etc several times then you get with your time and you are able to ask your questions after 00.00 [ your time ] and can’t ask more until 00 next day. But if you ask 3 questions before 00 then ask again3 after you ask a total of 6 but they count for 2 days.

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@ANef_is_Enuf I can help you test it. It’s 21.39 for me now and I can wait till 23 and something and ask them and see if I can ask again 3 after 00.

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@Hibernate what time zone are you in?

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I just checked the source code and confirmed it is currently 3 questions per 12 hours. We’ve played with it for a while (for a long time it was 3 q’s per 24 hours), but we’re pretty comfortable with this rate.

Great detective work everyone! :)

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Wow, how about that. Thanks, @ben!

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A wild @ben appears!

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