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What is your secret passion or interest?

Asked by desiree333 (3206points) July 27th, 2011

I have a couple of things that I am passionate about, such as drawing, animal rights, and decorating/organizing.

But…I have a secret passion that no one knows about. Mainly because it is a little bit unexpected for me. I secretly can’t get enough of learning new survival techniques. I love knowing that if anything ever happened and I became stranded I could keep myself alive. What do you have an interest/passion for that no one knows about?

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I love reading anything new about health.

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I am fascinated by the life of Queen Victoria, and I can’t read enough about her.

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My secret passion is Fluther. Shhhh!
Other than that, music. I don’t think people realize just how much I love music.

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My secret passion is actually DIY home improvement and repair.

I love fixing toilets, painting, refinishing floors, putting up curtain rods, etc.

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I don’t really have any secret passions. Why do they have to be secret? Are these supposed to be naughty things we like?

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I love drawing a lot, but I don’t like showing it to people, I’m not entirely sure why. Also, I like dolls, and collecting them. I mean those overly cute porcelain dolls. I don’t have a big collection though, because a lot are really expensive, and since I keep it a secret, I never get any on my birthdays lol.

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@Schroedes13 They don’t have to be a secret. I guess if you have a naughty interest, feel free to share lol. Mostly I just mean something you love that no one knows about. Personally, my passion for survival stuff is a “secret” because I just never had a situation that was appropriate to mention it. Its more something that I never bothered to tell anyone rather than a closely guarded secret.

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OOOHHH ok! Well no one in real life or on the internet knows that I love art. I hate art history, but I love being in art galleries. I really want to go to the Louvre one day!!

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The English language and its relation to other languages. Dictionaries excite me.

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The ancient history of Britain (Anglo Saxon) is my passion, I keep it all to myself.. :-/
From the prehistoric right up to the battle of Hastingsā€¦ the rest is well documentedā€¦.

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To get kinky and have…... You know what.

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Hm…. learning about space and the planets, etc. I also enjoy documentaries on future technology and the kinds that will one day take us beyond Earth. Great question :)

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Cars. I am a fabulous mechanic and I’ve been obsessed with the car I am building for years.

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I too have a lust for learning survival information and gathering related equipment, but it isn’t secret. My extended family sends me anything they find on the topic. I think they all plan to come to my place for the Zombie Apocalypse and are doing all they can to help me prepare to take care of them!

My secret passion is anything Southern (food, fiction, etc.) and I am obsessed with learning about the War Between the States. I go on kayaking trips and if there is a battlefield within 100 miles, I will go out of my way to walk it and go through the docents’ speeches about any details I can glean.

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Carpentry and power tools….wooo hoooo!

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Medieval religious architecture.

i read pillars of the earth by ken follett and was surprised out how engrossed i became.

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@Blondesjon : I know…I became almost orgasmic when I understood the whole “flying buttress” thing. How cool is that?

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Tantric Yoga! ;)

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Writing, because I’ve been too shy to show my writing to anyone. Especially the fanfiction. Yikes, I feel embarrassed admitting that even here.

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I love looking up random words in dictionaries and I can do so for hours. I also really like writing. I used to be pretty passionate about it – and art as well – but I’ve let both sort of dwindle away. I still do both, but I don’t really tell anyone (especially writing). I hate showing people drawings I’ve done, and though I’m an English major I don’t take any classes that even approach the borders of creative writing.

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