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How do you express your anger?

Asked by sophiesword (2287points) July 28th, 2011

I usually put this blank expression on my face which is weird for my parents because I’m a very lively or ’hyper kid’ as my teachers would put it .

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That is not very expressive.

I usually say that I am angry.

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Passive-aggressively? I hate anger. That sounds redundant, somehow If I have to say something, then I try to say it without yelling. But by the tone of my voice, you’ll be able to tell how angry I am. Also, I’m told, my facial expressions are somewhat fearsome.

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Tears no end or smashing things that aren’t to blame but are simply in the way!

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Usually I raise my voice. The rest of the time I just state it, “I am very angry,” and go on to explain why.

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I don’t get angry very often at all, and when I do, I just seethe and keep my mouth shut.

I’ve recently started sticking up for myself more, so that’s gonna change.

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I learned in yoga yesterday that, apparently, I hold it in my hamstrings.

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Passive aggresiveness, or, if it’s really bad, calmly explaining that I’m very angry and need to exit the situation.

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Calmly but firmly……. :-/ at first.

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I have been known to express it very passionately.;)

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Anger is an expression just like love and passion for example. It is NOT the expression itself, but rather HOW it is expressed. I think anger can be conducive to “airing things out” at times. To get Biblical, Jesus became very angry in the temple and turned tables over (we all should remember this story). Sometimes anger, if controlled, can be the preface to creativity. Endorphins are released in very intense emotions; (the same endorphins released when someone is happy or in love). Anger can focus us and help us see things clearly at times. It has the capacity to “shake us” from a humdrum attitude and give us a “boost” to get things done.
Granted, anger can be bad but again I think that HOW someone expresses that anger is the key. It must be controlled, not aimed at hurting anyone and NEVER EVER in front of young children if possible. We are kidding ourselves if we think that we do not get angry and express it multiple times even in a day.

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Tears, yelling, shaking.

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Express it? Is that what you are supposed to do? I think I suppress it mostly, but I don’t let myself get angry about things over which I have no control I think I’d be furious all the time if I did. Futility is not worth my while. If I do something myself that makes me angry, I just say “Shit!” and clean it up as best I can.

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I don’t really. Sometimes my tone gets a bit sharp, but that’s it. Usually I just take a walk, smoke a cigarette, or sit down and think for a few minutes and it’s gone. Then I try to handle whatever was bothering me.

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I crush grapes, filled a whole wine cellar over the course of one particularly annoying weekend with the “in-laws.”

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It depends where I am and the context of course and that in itself is interesting to me. At home, and it doesn’t happen often, if I get angry and nobody is listening to me and keeps pushing me, I will yell and shout. Then it is over and I am fine. If I feel I am getting really angry, I may cry and will leave the situation until I can calm down.

At work, I might get frustrated but rarely angry. If I am driven to anger, I have never shouted at work. In those circumstances, I would try to remove myself from the immediate source of frustration or hurt. I am then likely to talk to people I know I can trust to make sure I am not overreacting and my perspective is valid and to get advice on how to proceed. I will rarely act without thinking things through carefully and then I will either let the problem slide or I will gather the information I need to take action to resolve the problem.

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I let people know I’m angry and then I try to work out what ever put in that state of mind. If I’m that angry I take a walk to calm down or, strangely, I cry.

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Sometimes I shout. Most times i swear. Other times I just breath it out. Only a few times I think about my health going down when I get angered so I just let it pass without bothering me that much.

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Depends who I am. Chopping wood, fighting, exercise, lose myself in some activity, blowing stuff up, verbal sparing, etc.

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Crank the tunes and just relax. If I am arguing with someone, I become very sarcastic and say whatever is on my mind, without completely filtering what I am saying. My eyes get wide and my raise my voice a bit. I also crack mean, insulting jokes all the time.

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@sophiesword I like your style. I’m gonna try that next time. : )

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