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Do you tend to dislike people that are different from you?

Asked by Jellie (6489points) August 1st, 2011

I find myself trying hard not to dislike people that have certain opinions or values. I don’t dislike everyone with a different POV just people that hold certain views differently. Even if they are nice people.
Do you automatically dislike people who don’t share your ideas? If not what do you tell yourself to change that?

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No. My life would be incredibly boring and lonely if I only socialized with people who feel the same way that I do.
There are certain issues that I have a hard time bending on, but that tends to revolve around intolerance or bigotry, which I think says more about your character than just having a different opinion. I don’t necessarily jump to disliking them, I just wouldn’t prefer to hang out with people like that.

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I don’t dislike people who don’t have the same views as me, I just, personally, dislike people who try to force their beliefs and opinions onto others, namely me, when I have made it perfectly clear that I do not agree and that we should agree to disagree. I am very opinionated, and I do like to debate, but I do not like when I can accept someone else’s views and perspectives, but that person refuses to see anything from my point of view.
Going to the small-town highschool I went to, I encountered this a lot when it came to political and religious views. I couldn’t dislike everyone because I do need the social aspect of life fufilled, so I agreed to disagree and move on with life. Coexisting, a wonderful thing.

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No. A lot of my very good friends hav many opposite views. I share the same view as @ANef_is_Enuf on that. Besides, you don’t learn anything if everyone you know shares your opinion on things.

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Life is based on diversity. Even though people are different, it doesn’t make them any better or worse.

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Nope, I treat people equally even if they are an emotionally depressed person (emo), has a disability or is even just plain weird. I treat people the way I would like to be treated.

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I don’t dislike them, but I might not have very much respect for them, depending on the views we’re talking about. For instance, in my family, there are several older people who hold racist and homophobic opinions, but are also friendly, funny, or caring people. It grates on my damn nerves when certain issues come up, but I still love them. I just don’t respect their opinions on these matters.

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No. I find them interesting and actually I get along better

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No, only if the difference involves being bigoted and aggressive. Also like @augustlan I may not be able to respect them if they are, for instance, homophobic or racist.

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I find myself strongly disliking people who feel the state should enforce religion. I want to strangle them… :|

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Not so much, unless they become belligerent about it. I get along with Yankees fans, even as misguided and arrogant as they often are, and voters who strongly believe in “their party” (whichever it is), and I can even get along with true believers in most religions, too – as long as they don’t try to enforce conversions.

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Ohhh @CWOTUS reminded me, I do not get along with Manchester United fans by default :P

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I only dislike people who are belligerent.

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@downtide Man City fan?

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Never do I dislike someone for simply being different. Variety is the spice of life they say, and opposites attract and all that. If they don’t have the same opinion as me on something, I’m usually intrigued enough to ask what their opinion on it is, especially if I brought up the topic.

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@sarahhhhh I live in the area but I’m actually a Stockport County fan (yeah poor me, they got dumped out of the league this year). But given a choice between the big two, I’m a Blue. :)

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No. I tend to find people who are different from me interesting. At times there may be a personality clash, but that’s all part of the fun I suppose

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No.It usually doesn’t matter to me if someone agrees with the way I think about things.
It doesn’t have much effect on my quality of life. XD

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No. I don’t dilsike people who have different views. Usually when I dislike someone it is either because they have harmed me or harmed others. A lack of integrity, lying, scamming, these behaviors make me dsilike someone.

Once in a while I just don’t hit it off with someone from the get go; bad chemistry or something. Dislike is probably a harsh word to use in those cases, but it does mean I am not fond of being around them.

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No, coz that would be extraordinarily weak of me.
I dislike only those who give me good reason to… know, tosspots!!

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People with opposing beliefs and opinions interest me. When I consider the other side, I have a chance to lean from it.

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No I don’t. Sometimes I am annoyed because we cannot see the same thing the same but I do not mind them because of they see these things.
Indeed there’s something to be learned from people that are different but if we’d look carefully at this everyone is different :)

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I am fine with people who are different from me, provided they use the intelligence God has given them. When someone I know who is smart starts spouting Rush Limbaugh, I’ll get angry with them for not being critical or thinking.

I have short shrift for those who are racist, homophobic, or think their beliefs of any sort are the one true way.

And I don’t deal well with Dodger fans.

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It really depends on our difference.

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Not usually.

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You just admitted that you dislike about half of the population of the United States. I’d say that’s not a very good example of “critical thinking!” : )

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It really depends on their motives or how sincere they are or not :-/

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If someone is the complete opposite of me in their perspective on something that is very important to me – or that I think shows good or bad character – chances are I’ll dislike them. For example if someone is homophobic, loves rape jokes, and thinks the nazis were cool guys, I must say I find it pretty hard to like them.

But minor differences I just take as differences and leave it at that.

I even find myself liking a lot of people who do have very different political and moral beliefs than I do if they try to understand where I’m coming from, and can disagree respectfully. Even if they’re thinking “God this person is so wrong,” the fact that their character is good enough to keep that to themselves and instead debate it respectfully is enough to make me at least partial to them.

I never lump everyone of one group into a ‘bad people’ pile. For example, I’m generally more liberal-minded on most things (at least when it comes to social issues), but I hate when liberals regard all republicans as awful and evil, and vice versa.

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Most of my ideas are based on moral principles. If someone has different ideas, then I have to see them as bad, don’t I?

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I’m fine with people being different from me or holding different views and opinions, within reason. It’s the behaviours with which some people present their material that might make me dislike them, rather than what they think. That happens with people who are similar to me or who agree with me on stuff.

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I like/dislike people for who they are/their personality, not their views, those don’t really matter to me.

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Sweet holy moly, I don’t really give a rats [redacted] if people are different, or have different thoughts or ideas than I do, in fact it is more interesting that way. So long as we can converse and exchange openly and respectfully I don’t care, it is a way to see other perspectives. Many of my current friends now we have vastly different likes, goals and interest.

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No way. I quite like socialising with people who have a different personality and veiw points from me. That’s what makes life fun. However, i really dislike people who try to force their veiws on me, and people who are narrow minded. I don’t get along with them at all.

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I know me inside and out. Lately if I meet people who too similar to me then I tend not to hang around them much. I love to be challenged so I seek out people who challenge me.

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