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Where can I find the best crab cakes in Baltimore?

Asked by steelmarket (3598points) May 2nd, 2008

Asks a traveling fan of crab cakes…

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I wish I knew from personal experience these days. I LOVE Chesapeake Bay crab cakes! G&M is supposed to be among the best. Here is one guy’s vote for Faidley’s–11-18-final-word_x.htm Do you ever make them at home? I am sold on my recipe, which works with all types of crab, although (forgive me beloved West Coast) Mayland Blue crab is best.

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I’ve lived in MD my entire life and here are the best places I’ve found:

Bombay Peaock Grill: An indian restaurant, but the crab cakes are some of the best I’ve had, hands down.

Michael’s Restaurant: In Baltimore County. Good seafood; quiet, upscale atmosphere:

Greystone Grill: Excellent crabcakes and steak. One of my favorite restaurants.

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OK, I am calling this one. After my trip, and after eating crab cakes at just about all the restaurants in the Inner Harbor, I pick:

Mo’s Fisherman’s Wharf
Inner-Harbor, Baltimore
219 S President St

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