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What is with the double yoker GAs this morning?

Asked by Bellatrix (21228points) August 5th, 2011

You know how sometimes you crack and egg and there are two, beautiful yellow yokes?

This morning I have given a good answer twice and two GAs have appeared. I don’t mind giving the beautiful people I gave GAs an extra one, but what is it with that? It has happened in the past and I thought, “oh someone else clicked at exactly the same moment as I did” but this has happened twice today and I don’t think there is someone following me around, waiting for me to hover over that GA button and pressing at the same time.

Does this happen to you? Have you ever had a triple yoker GA?

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This happens to me a lot, but I think I know why. I don’t think someone else has to actually hit it at exactly the same time as you. I think someone just has to hit it between when you open up the page and when you hit GA. The number doesn’t continually refresh so if it was at 0 when you opened the page, it’ll stay at 0 until you hit GA, even if somebody hits it before you. If somebody hits it before you, it’ll appear to jump up to 2 when you hit it, because it has gotten 2 GAs during the amount of time you’ve been on the page. You’ll notice it happens more often when there are a lot of “observing members.”

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Exactly what Mariah said.

The page simply hasn’t been refreshed yet I’ve even given a GA and watched the number jump from zero to three.

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I’ve had that happen too.

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Damn and I thought I had given @Seelix and @Woodcutter a double bonus GA (which they deserve of course). Thank you @Mariah and @FutureMemory for the explanation!

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That has happened to me quite a few times, aye. I’m pretty sure that I got a triple one once. Maybe even a quadruple. Is that possible, or was I just stoned? But yeah, double ones, I got.

Also that example you gave…lol. :D If that egg that has two yokes in it had been inseminated by a rooster, I wonder what kinda atrocity double headed chick would have come out of there…

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lol@Symbeline...well here we would say it was a Tasmanian chicken. Lots of jokes about two headed Tasmanians here. Hope there aren’t any Tassie people on Fluther :D

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As our luck would have it, there prolly are. :D

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Yep! For sure!

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@Mariah and @FutureMemory hit the nail on the head. The GAs don’t refresh unless you refresh your page or add a GA. Sometimes I will open a page and get sidetracked. When I come back several hours later and start clicking the GAs, the numbers really jump.

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