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Who is the lamest superhero of all time?

Asked by cockswain (15269points) August 7th, 2011

I’m voting for Ant-Man. All he could do was shrink down small while retaining the strength of a regular man. So if he could bench press 200lbs full size, he could bench that same amount as a small person too. Also his helmet allowed him to control ants.

Runners up are Robin and Aquaman.

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Under dog. :-/

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What? Blasphemy.

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Camp as fuckin christmas!
Check out that car man!

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I don’t understand. Are they gay or not?

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Aquaman. No contest.

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It’s a matter of dispute.
Of course their sexual orientation has nothing to do with their lameness as superheroes, they’re just crap!!

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@ucme I remember seeing those on SNL in the 90s. Great stuff.

@Joker94 Aquaman is unquestionably lame. What the hell good is a guy that can talk to dolphins and fish in the city? Useless. Great for crimes that happen in the ocean, but as useless as you and me everywhere else. I suppose he can help out at zoos and aquariums a bit.

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@cockswain Dude, I know exactly what you mean.

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Hawkman and Angel both seem lame to me. They fly with big stupid wings.

Aquaman at least wasn’t socially awkward to bring places.

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@Joker94 That video was hilarious. “If you don’t like starfish, you’re gonna be mad about what I just did.” There was a link to a Family Guy with Robin on that page, which is also funny.

Here’s a classic SNL about a superhero party. At the 5 minute mark, Ant-Man shows up and John Belushi and Dan Aykroyd start making fun of him.

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Well it certainly isn’t Bicycle Repair Man

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Sarcastro or any from the site would do.

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Maybe this guy? It’s not up, up and away with him, it’s up, up and awwwkwaaard!

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Bobobo-bobo-bobo-bobobobo… He fights with his nostril hairs.

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The Wonder Twins. (Weren’t they part of Justice League of America or something like that?)

Either way, they were both righteously lame, big time.

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Good call on the Wonder Twins.

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Superman, no offense for his lovers. It’s that lame when one is so powerful and unmatchable, also with silly, unnecessary outfit.

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@Bluefreedom . . . remember you said that next time you need a bucket of water and a gorilla.

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I have something against Superman. I’ve hated the guy since I was a little kid, don’t ask me why.

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@MilkyWay Superman’s too powerful, good stories wilt when he enters.

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It has to be Captain America.

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