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Who is the most powerful member of the Justice League?

Asked by wildpotato (15121points) May 25th, 2009

Superman is the obvious choice, but I believe it is the Flash because he needs to be able to think as fast as he can move. And think if he just held his finger up to someone’s head and vibrated it really fast! Other possibilities (I am counting the JLU of Bruce Timm, too): J’onn J’onzz/Martian Manhunter (insubstantiality!), Captain Atom (pure energy), Batman (sneaky smart), Wonder Woman (divine power), the Green Lantern (able to make thoughts substantial), Amazo (might be the best pick, being pretty much all-powerful – but then again he is not a full member…). What do you think?

Related question: does anyone know what I’m talking about?

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With the exception of Batman, DC is lameeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. Sooo im gonna go with Batman :P

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Wonder Woman for sure!

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i think that there is no one greater member. They all have their strengths and weaknesses. They need to work together.

Work together, boys and girls.

that’s your lesson for the day. Now you know, and knowing is half the battle.

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@eponymoushipster to sidestep your point entirely: Hm, maybe that means that Green Arrow is the most powerful member.

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yes, Linda carter..loved that outfit, she stood for Justice? yes, a very powerful member, I recall.

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Batman. Of course.

Always Batman.

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@dannyc Like the outfit, eh? Check out Negative Wonder Woman

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Well… Superman is by definition the most powerful. But he is also the lamest. Batman is the best, with green arrow in close second.

No exceptions. No compromise.

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Martian Manhunter

He’s smart like Batman (Batman’s computer files describe him as a cross between Superman and himself) and as powerful as Superman or Wonder Woman. He also has telepathy, telekinesis, invisibility, intangibility…

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@shockvalue Why do you think Green Arrow? Because of the reason I semi-cited above, or for another reason? Or are we speaking of lameness v non-lameness – because I must admit I do find Green Arrow to be a bit of a pedant.

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No compromise. :P

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Superman for sure… he would own any of the other members in any sort of fight.

-and don’t say kryptonite iron knuckles, because that’s dumb, Superman can use his superior laser eyes, super breath, or any of his numerous abilities to crush Batman. I mean come on…he can lift a freaking building and drop it on him.

-Batman can’t hide, I mean come on, Superman has X-ray vision too.

I will admit, Superman is super lame in regards to his abilities just being super in every way, but you have to admit, he would be the most powerful and would win in a 1v1 fight against any of them (regardless of any collectors card you may have saying otherwise).

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You see, Batman would have seen an attack coming from Superman three days in advance (the man is the only person to have discovered Superman’s secret identity; he’s a master detective). He would have interwoven a strand of kryptonite into his leotard, slowly draining him of his power. When the fight begins, Superman would be a mere human, and all it takes is Bruce to kick him down the stairs.

Furthermore, your theory falls apart as Superman cannot see through lead. All Batman has to do is drop a bomb on Gotham that covers all of the buildings in a superdense liquid lead that hardens on contact. Then he could just hide in building.


Also, consider that Superman has given Batman all of his secrets just in case he goes rouge.

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Superman of course.

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If Atom man could control atoms, he would be able to control atoms that all of the super heros use to exercise their powers. That is the one thing all of the super heros, and villians, are made up of. His power would be unmatched.

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The Martian Manhunter is a POWERFUL TELEPATH. He can read thoughts. He knows what any of the others are planning. He can project thoughts into others’ minds. He has used his telepathy to connect all of the minds on Earth.

The Martian Manhunter is also a master detective.

Several people have figured out Superman’s secret identity, including Lori Lemaris because she read Superman’s mind with her telepathy.

Superman can’t punch someone who is intangible.

The Martian Manhunter has super-strength. He has super-speed. He can fly. He is invulnerable (except for that inconsistent fire thing). He is telekinetic. He is a shapeshifter. He can become other materials. He can become invisible. He can regenerate.

Martian Manhunter = Batman + Superman + more

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The Flash (Wally West as The Flash) tapped directly into the Speed Force and could move faster than the speed of light. If you can move and think faster than your opponent I don’t see how you could lose…. unless you came up against Batman, there is no defense against someone who can outsmart you at every turn.

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Unless that person can read and control your mind.

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@phoenyx But how could the mind of someone who isn’t endowed with the power of superspeedy thought read the mind of someone who is? It makes sense that there would be limitations on telepathy, as on any other skill. Besides, J’onn J’onzz is vulnerable to electricity.

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The Martian Manhunter wouldn’t have to read the Flash’s thoughts, just project thoughts into his mind that would disrupt his thinking. In fact, I think the MM has projected thoughts into the minds of all of the Justice League members at one time or another. That’s kinda his thing. I don’t know what the limitations of his telepathy are, but it seems more powerful than any other member’s resistance.

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It is true @phoenyx Martin Manhunter has a slew of amazing abilities, more than superman,(He once even regenerated himself from just his hand) but if I remember correctly his telepathy and shapeshifting abilities only appeared in comics after 1990.

On thing Batman has that no others can claim is the die-hard grit of a true fanatic.

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Of course it Superman! His name alone says it all. Make mine Marvel!

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@Grisaille how would he see an attack coming? I was assuming this was a spur of the moment kind of deal, “hey lets fight to see who is stronger”. Or, hey, here is this ring of death cage match for us to fight in, lets see who wins. And as far as draining him slowly goes, Superman would realize it happening anyways,it has quite the effect on him.

Also, Batman just isn’t going to drop some bomb over a city so Superman can’t see him. And if he did, Superman would see it happening, fly up there, catch the bomb, and put it in the cockpit with Batman in it.

The only way Batman would win in a fight is through some sort of sabotage or sneakiness, which doesn’t make him more powerful, it makes him more stealthy.

The question isn’t who would win in a fight anyways, it’s who is more powerful. So let the weightlifting contest begin. Superman would beat out Batman for sure.

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Superman is stronger, but Batman is smarter. Strategy beats strength.
Ali/Foreman is a good example of that.

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Superman, no contest. I agree it’s kind of lame that he is “the perfect superhero”, he can be too super. But let’s face it, he is every member of the Justice League combined.

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Superman is only powerful on Earth. The Justice League Fights battles on other planets too. Without Radiation from a yellow star he has no powers, gold kryptonite also takes his powers

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…and kryptonite (in a variety of shapes and colors) is ridiculously easy to come by in the DC universe.

Every other member of the Justice League probably has a Superman contingency plan.

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@veronasgirl Actually Amazo is every member combined. He also knows more than Brainiac and can acquire any new knowledge or power instantly. Luthor calls him God.

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everyone saying that batman is stronger because he is smarter is avoiding the question. Superman is the most powerful.

And if superman knew in advance that there would be a fight to the death against batman, he could simply fly around very fast, grab something gigantic, and level him, end of story.

Everyone seems to think that Batman is just going to sucker punch him without pre-knowledge with some kryptonite.

—The way I see this is…Batman and Superman, both in the Justice League headquarters. Someone says suddenly, “fight to the death”. Superman would own him, it’s not like Batman carries kryptonite in his back pocket 24/7 anyways. Superman is just superior in virtually every way.

And just because Batman is smart doesn’t make Superman dumb as a bag of bricks, he knows to avoid krytonite, it’s his only weakness.

and to even say hypthetically, Batman had a baseball bat made of kryptonite, Superman could still fly at the speed of a bullet crashing into Batman killing him completely just by the sheer force of impact.

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@RandomMrdan Actually, Batman does carry kryptonite with him everywhere, in a pouch (presumably a lead pouch, so Superman can’t see it and because kryptonite is carcinogenic) on his utility belt.

There are many ways to define what power is, and superior fighting ability is only one of them. When underdogs choose an unconventional fighting strategy, the percentage of times they win a given conflict jumps from 28.5% to 63.6%. See this excellent article – if the underdog is willing to work for it, she is in fact more likely to win.

And riddle me this: you know how Superman always stands proudly facing the people who point guns at him, chest out and ready to deflect? It’s pretty predictable that he will do this. Well what if Batman had, not kryptonite knuckles or a kryptonite bat, but kryptonite bullets, in a gun made from lead? Superman would stand at the ready, with that little frown on his face, and Batman would just blow him away.

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Batman doesn’t use any firearms. And it’s true, he does stand there, just waiting for the attacker to attack. But, if they work together, Superman would know he has it on him then. As I said previously, him slamming into him or throwing something at him would kill him by the sheer force of the impact.

Superman could just pull the whole, traveling around the Earth fast enough to turn back time, and kill his parents before he was conceived too. haha, which would be lame.

I found this video here, of Superman Vs Captain Marvel…here. Just imagine Superman taking that bank vault door, and doing the same thing but on Batman, he’d die instantly.

I know Batman is smart, and has superior fighting skill, but all it takes is one shot from Superman, and Batman’s lights are knocked out.

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@RandomMrdan You’re right, how could I have forgotten that Batman never uses firearms! Duh! And I like your time travel idea, did Superman ever actually do that?

I see what you mean about superman’s superior abilities, but I think my point about the underdog still stands.

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If i recall correctly, Batman kicked Supermans ass in both Hush and The Red Son

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here is a video of Superman turning back time… here

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You may want to read this as well.

“Every time Batman and Superman have collided in battle against each other, Batman has won.”

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they also fought in The Dark Knight Returns. Batman owned Superman.

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@uberbatman apparently The Red Son was made that way, I mean, he was raised as a Soviet, we can’t have the Soviets win, that would just be un-American.

And as far as that list goes, for how Batman always wins… My only argument is, they want it to be that way, they want the underdog to win. But to be realistic, all Superman has to do is get one good shot on him, or throw something at him from a distance.

And I read the entire article, about how Superman is a boyscout and all that good stuff, and wants to do good. But I feel if put in a situation, he could destroy Batman easily if he had to.

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in my eyes, I think the fight could literally be over in 2 seconds. Someone says go, Super man flies back a decent distance, and then into Batman at the speed of a bullet, and game over, he wouldn’t even need any sort of object to slam into him.

I mean, a bullet travels at about 1,000 feet per second or faster, there is no way Batman could move out of the way, or survive the impact at that speed.

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The problem with resolving this may be in how you think Superman fights. He would never do the things you suggest. He is arrogant and stupid. He never gives it all he has if he can win with just a little, and that’s where he’s vulnerable. Batman knows this.

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I seriously doubt that Superman would fight Batman the same way going into the fight knowing he had kryptonite, and also knowing that it would kill him.

it would almost seem as though everyone thinks he is just a meat head and will wander knowingly into Batman with his kryptonite brass knuckles. He isn’t that dumb.

And if they were to fight, are you meaning to tell me, Superman wouldn’t hit Batman? All it takes is one solid hit from Superman, and he’s done. Or would you mean, that he would hit him as hard as a normal human would hit?

All I’m saying is Superman just needs to land one punch, and he can win.

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Superman is just a meat head….

And batman did take supermans hits before, he wore a special suit to compensate for that.

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not the chick…the radioactive fella with the flaming head.

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@uberbatman do you know where I can get my hands on The Red Son? I have been looking ever since I heard about it on NPR about a year ago

edit Never mind, I was just told where to find it

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Couldn’t Captain Atom pretty much shut Firestorm down?

I did some more researching, and here are some more MM powers I haven’t mentioned yet: super breath (hurricane strength winds), super hearing, x-ray vision, EM vision, telescopic vision, microscopic vision, heat vision, nine senses, magnetic field manipulation and super speed.

Clearly, he is the most powerful. I’ll let you get back to arguing superman vs. batman now, even though neither is the most powerful.

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I am also miffed at the move to a Batman v Superman debate. C’mon people get creative!

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Vigilante or Shining Knight!

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@Capt_Bloth that’s not being creative, that’s being wrong ;)

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@Capt_Bloth Yeah, he’s a DARK knight… duh! :P

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J’onn. Though I do have a soft spot for WW and the Flash.

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ATOM man people. Batman and Superman are fairies in comparison. The Flash would only be good at getting time consuming tasks done at a super human rate. The Flash can’t move faster than the speed of light, if he could even get close to it. He would probably tear a hole in our dimesion, and the universe would be sucked into a point smaller than the tip of a needle and just “blipout” of existence. And Amazo wouldn’t be able to do anything but pollinate after his atomic structure was reformated to a daisy.

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@AtSeDaEsEpPoAoSnA The Flash can move faster than the speed of light, though Wally West is the only one who did it and did not die/become trapped in the Speed Force (which, from Wiki, is “the ultimate measure of velocity in the DC universe”). All of them could move through time. They can also speed-read and get through force-fields (and almost anything) using vibration. Wally West once defeated Brainiac single-handedly. Also, all the Flashes (there have been 4) have been intelligent people, scientists.

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naw, i’m just pullin’ you leg

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Could someone link some info about Atom man? I’m not familiar with him.

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The Atom Man is Lex Luthor in an old Superman serial – but he is a villian in that. Perhaps AtSeDaEsEpPoAoSnA meant Atom Smasher or The Atom?

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A co-worker just convinced me that all Atom Man can do is change his size… I retract my statements about him, BECAUSE ALL HE CAN DO IS BECOME SMALL OR LARGE. I think I will just go with the man of steel.

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If Atom Man, “Captain Atom” could control atoms, he could simply reduce all the Justice League to atoms, but that won’t happen. So…....

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Now I’m taking you to court (bong bong)
Whoops, Belzer and Ice T have you in custody now.

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Superman! he is SUPER afterall..

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Hmm, you’re saying he’s the most powerful because of his name?

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Depends how we define “powerful”.

I will vote for Batman for few reasons:

1) Without him, justice league will be boring. Nobody will watch it. DC makes money from Justice league because mostly because of his presence. When you see “justice league” they usually have to display superman and batman together as advertisement. When you want to take a popularity vote, most will vote for batman more than superman

(power of influence over audience)

2) Batman has no super power. – in order for one to be in justice league and be considered “superhero”, if Batman can make it there, he should technically be more powerful as he can win or be equal to others as a human being. In some cases, he can take down villians with super powers all by himself (power without super power)

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Batman is just a human, it doesn’t matter how intelligent, skilled or resourceful. This is a guy who struggles with Joker, Two Face and the Penguin.

Wonder Woman is sometimes seen as uber, most of the time she is seen as competitive to Superman, but not quite there.

Green Lantern. They aren’t seen as being as impressive before. A weight class below the likes of Superman. They are seen in the same light as could they win a fight against Wonder Woman as she is against Superman.

Aquaman. A poor man’s Martian Manhunter, who is vulnerable to being dehydrated.

Flash. Potentially the most powerful by far. A top end Flash is competitive to Wonder Woman’s very best showings (daughter of Zeus, Godwave) but on normal showings is a peer. His lack of versatility and durability is telling when compared to GL, but he is a step above them.

Martian Manhunter. The most powerful and versatile by far, but has a stupid weakness. He drops to fire, heat vision and in theory is the most vulnerable on this list. When it is relegated to an annoyance, he is the most powerful on average.

So – on average:
Superman, Martian Manhunter, Wonder Woman/Flash\ Green Lantern\Aquaman, Batman

At top ends:
Flash/Wonder Woman, Superman (sundipped), Batman (prepped), Martian Manhunter, Green Lantern, Aquaman

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