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Keurig Coffee-Maker technical question: How do I get the "my cup" accesory to fit the "Office-Pro" model coffee-maker?

Asked by gottamakeart (1323points) August 12th, 2011

It appears that the “my cup” mini-filter made to fit the Keurig only fits the domestic, and not the office model (which I chose for the multiple fluid oz. settings) I’m hoping there is a way to MODIFY the accesory to make it fit. Has anyone done this? If so, please tell ne HOW.

(Also, I like that I won’t have to take apart each cup for recycling every time. The grounds themselves are good for adding nitrogen to the soil in my gardens. plus slugs hate crawling on them.)

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do you mean the filter itself or the whole accessory?
because you have to pop out the bottom part with the needle, then put the whole accessory in it’s place. You cannot put the filter itself into the machine. I’m sorry, for mocking you, but you weren’t clear in your question.

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Found a BETTER filter called “EkoBrew” fits just fine. Problem solved. :D

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