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Has anyone had trouble with their Keurig coffee machine? Any ideas on how I can fix mine?

Asked by JLeslie (65335points) June 30th, 2012

My husband has really enjoyed having a Keurig, but after three years it has stopped working. The water heats up, but then it doesn’t brew. I hope I explained that correctly. We have the kind that holds extra water and can turn itself on in the morning.

Any suggesstion on how to fix it are welcome.

Also, any stories of other people having problems are appreciated too. Please include how many years you owned it when it started to malfunction.

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Yes and my husband called and complained. He can usually repair things. He cleans it with vigor.
Our first one stopped working and they replaced it. This one is about a year old. Our first one lasted about three years.

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It is probably stopped up with coffee grounds in that little place where you put the K-Cups. Can you clean it and poke around with a toothpick in that area, @JLeslie. Have you ever descaled your Keurig?

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We had the same problem in our office – ours was even newer. I think we sent it in for a replacement with no problems. You might give that a shot, but I’m not sure if ours had a warranty or something.

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