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What can I do with my leftover shrimp stock?

Asked by fundevogel (15461points) February 7th, 2013

I made shrimp creole from scratch recently and I’ve got a few cups of leftover stock. Now I swear that using homemade stock rather than water is what made it the best goddamn shrimp creole I’ve ever had. So there’s no way I’m throwing away my liquid gold.

I’m just not sure how else to use it.

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I am tempted to send you my address.

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Whoa misread the question
Shrimp bisque

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To be clear I don’t have shrimp on hand, though I could get some for the right recipe. What I’ve got is the liquid I boiled all their heads and shells in.

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@fundevogel Yeah I just edited my answer. Sorry about that.

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Freeze it until you want to make something with it.

If you want to use it now, Thai shrimp bisque or shrimp and chicken gumbo would be on my list.

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Oh that sounds good. I’ve never made a shrimp bisque before.

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Tom Yum soup!

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^^^ Ooh, one of my favorites. But it really needs some whole shrimp in it and it calls for galangal, (or is there a substitute for that which I don’t know.)

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@Sunny2 – I just use ginger which is very similar. It is better with prawns in it, but I do make it with the broth and veg!

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Personally, I would sell it off and buy AT&T but that is just me.

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Take 2 cups and reduce them to 1 cup. Add a cup of whole milk to it. Melt 2 tablespoons butter in a medium saucepan, add 2 heaped TBS of flour and heat, stirring until the roux id foaming an lightly brown. Whip in the liquid and stir until thickened. If you still have any raw shrimp, peel and slice ½ dozen longways and throw them in.

Season if necessary and serve over a nice firm pasta with lots of grated parm. Cheap, easy and delicious.

Freeze the rest. If you put it in an ice cube tray, you can take out what’s needed, as needed.

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