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Do you or have you ever had a favourite pair of undies?

Asked by Bellatrix (21228points) August 18th, 2011

What was it about them you love(d)? The colour? The fit? The style?

Describe these favourite undies and tell us why you love(d) them.

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Falls Creek boxers…I love the fit and feel and only me silk boxers come even close to how these feel when I am required to sit on my ass 8 hours a day at a desk plus she apparently loves how they look on me! ;)

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When I was at University a fellow student embroidered my nickname upon a pair of underpants and gave them to me as a present. I don’t know what happened to them.

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Don’t wear any now, but from being a kid my fave pair of Y…..yes that’s right I said Y fronts, were definitely the ones with Batman written all over them.

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Yes. A pair of delicate, lacy black panties with red trim that I discovered in my apartment one day doing the laundry. They aren’t mine, they aren’t the panties of any woman I’d slept with in that apartment, so it puzzles me: Whose are they? How did they get into my apartment? Was it on accident, or a purposeful tantalization? It’s like a naughty mystery.

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Yes, I do as a matter of fact! They are black with yellow lining and have a huge Batman symbol right on the crotch! Go figure those are my favorite.

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Ahhh, my gray pair. The only pair I own that is without a single hole, you know, except the one they built in to them.

They’re muh goin’ out drawers.

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I don’t wear them now, but, I still have a black pair, yes.

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My sexy light-blue American Eagle boxer-briefs. I only wear those on special occasions :)

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All of them. Sometimes i have trouble deciding which to wear any given day. I’m not kidding.
I have way more underwear and bras than I’ll need for a while. How some women buy shoes and purses – that’s how I buy bras and underwear.

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They are a combination of dark and light blue, they have little submarines on them, and they say “Goodnight. GOING DOWNNNNN” on them.

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Ummm, yeah and they were thongs.. Tasted good too but later it set me back a few bucks when she insisted I replace them ;- )

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