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Holiday to Europe in October?

Asked by Kade13 (182points) August 26th, 2011

Hey guys,

I would very much like to go on a boys holidays to somewhere in Europe in the last week of October or first week of November and I am looking for some recommendations.

We would like to be somewhere with good weather and where there are going to be plenty of crowds, some adventure to be had, drinking, fun and maybe even some sights to see.

There are a few things we would like to check of our list of things to do; so perhaps if someone can suggest some places where we can do some of this would be great:
Sky diving
Bungee jumping
Bike trails for some nature/forest fun
hidden sights? something off the beaten track
Rock climbing
Some local festivals, shows, etc..
Firearms; would very much like to fire some guns to see what all the fuss is about..

and of course some friendly hangouts, always love meeting new people who are up for some fun, sun and drinking.

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This weekend jaunt to Riga, Latvia looks like a blast and just the ticket; and includes many fun activities for “the boys”.

More info

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October? then obviously Octoberfest. It’s been a long time, but I’d recommend Germany, Austria, and Switzerland, and if you’re a audio/bibliophile, you can visit homes of famous composers and writers of which Germany and Austria have/had plenty of.

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Octoberfest actually takes place in September and runs into the first week of October, so unfortunately i won’t be able make it for that.

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LOL. I’m liking Riga, Latvia more and more for you and your friends. You probably don’t have 10 people in your group, but if you do you can go on Argonaut Hostel Tours’ 7 hour Shotguns & Vodka adventure.

And, get this! The Argonaut Hostel might possibly be The Only Hostel This Side Of The Universe! With its own Bobsled for guest usage!

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@Kade13 oh whoops didn’t see last week of October/ first week of november

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Here is a site that might help in finding festivals and events for the specific time period. Based upon what your group’s interests are, it’s going to be better to limiting it to a minimum number of countries. No matter where you all go, you can and will easily find hidden sights and local places to hang out. IMO, those are the ones that create the best memories of a trip.

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October Spain sounds good to me, Southern Spain. You can do some of that outdoors stuff there. Maybe Portugal?

Funny Riga came up. I was just saying to someone maybe one day I will go there.

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