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Whats a good gift or party idea for my boyfriend who's turning 21?

Asked by Britcraft86 (61points) May 6th, 2008
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Booze for him, lingerie for you.

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Get a limo and hit the bars.

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Have his name tattooed on you, and your name on him… Good times!

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An engraved flask!

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A bottle of Carmel Bailey’s Irish Creme and a box of chocolate shot glasses.

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Ok, shi- the tat idea is insane! Haha.

I threw my man a party, just with his close friends. I think the best gift was taking care of him all night long while he puked.

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C’mon Haight, you know its brilliant. Everyone had the “bar-tour/throwing up” story for 21. But who can remember anything about it years later? Now, Brit’s boyfriend will be able to look back on his 40th birthday and say “Who was I with on my bar tour? Oh, yeah (looking at shoulder), Brit!”

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hhaha… Alright, I wouldn’t say brilliant though. Let’s call it: unforgettable& spontaneous. Brit: would you really do that?

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Give him the best BJ you can, like an expensive Bottle of Jack.

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