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What are your favorite music sites to discover new musicians?

Asked by dreamwolf (3152points) September 3rd, 2011

How do you discover new music?

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Fluther. I have been introduced to a bunch of new musicians on this site.

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@marinelife what do you search?
any notable artists?

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i like just type in an artist you like and they recommend others, or scrobble your itunes or whatever music player you use and it recommends other artists to you.

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I’ve had a good run with since joining in 2007. Some musicians will message listeners who listen heavily to a particular sound/band/artist and ask you to give them a listen. Aside from that, the feature that picks new music based on what I’ve listened to before has revealed a few keepers.

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@dreamwolf I just look through the various music threads.

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I use soundclick , although it contains mostly unsigned artists there are quite a few very talented individuals/groups there.

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I use too. That and Allie.

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I wish I was kidding.

El_Cadejo's avatar for me as well. I also hear about a ton of great music from dverhey and Allie as well lol

I first heard the awesomeness of Ratatat because of 4chan

stellamedusa's avatar,, /mu/, Tumblr (by looking through tags.) Also check out forums of your favorite artists (if they have any), I’ve found some neat bands that way.

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