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Give us the best dream that you've ever had?

Asked by Jude (32144points) September 4th, 2011

I had this back in my early teens. I’ll never forget it because of feeling that I had in the dream. It was nighttime, and I was out in the middle of nowhere. I was in a huge pool, all by myself. I looked up at the sky, and it was blue/black and filled with a million stars. Suddenly, I shot out of the pool, straight up into the sky. I could feel the cool wind on my wet body. The feeling was amazing. Quickly, I reached Space. And, suddenly, I was curled up in fetal position, inside a tiny kidney bean-shaped space ship. It was made of glass, so, I could see everywhere around me, and I was slowly spinning ‘round and ‘round—seeing everything.

The end.

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I love that dream where I’m flying and I know I’m dreaming so I can take conscious control of my dream. I swoop down to the street below, grab a girl, and fly away with her. What happens next is NSFW :-p

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Any dream I have about my dream city is always great. I have these recurring dreams about this made up city, and every time I dream about it, it is always consistent and dynamic. It’s pretty cool exploring it knowing that it all came from my own head.

I had a dream the other night that I was in the army and I married my dream girl and moved into a little old house that had a basement haunted by blue plant monsters. We fought the monsters together and then had hot, passionate sex. It was gnarly.

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I have a dream once in a great while that is awesome. I am in a remote ski town. I have just finished skiing and I’m joining the party that is taking place in my log cabin home (which is apparently right in the middle of the business district in a small town). There is a definitive quality in the dream of total, relaxation and comfort. We have hot chocolate. There is no sense of angst or emotional drama. It is simply happiness. There is a fire going. We are all enjoying the warmth. Outside there are people window shopping. The feeling is of a place so remote and pleasant that it seems unattainable in real life.

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I don’t dream anymore but o used to always have lucid dreams, and stretch and warp reality around me, going anywhere I wanted, aortic like making walkways put of the buildings and stuff.

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I have a very vivid dream that was similar to the cave scene in the Matrix Reloaded where everyone was partying. The cave looked similar except there were people having sex as far as the eye could see. Orgies and one on ones etc. First I was flying over them watching everyone, then I was down there pounding away on some woman I didn’t even know, but it was very passionate for us being strangers.

I’ll never forget that dream. I woke up with my heart pounding.

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If I give it to you, then I won’t have it any more.

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@janbb Two day rental? If I have it longer, I’ll pay a late charge.

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@Jude OK then – here’s a hint. Multiple flippers were involved.

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I once had a nice dream where I found myself living “on top” of an expanse of crystal blue ocean with the sun shining down on me, and there was a soft and gentle cool breeze blowing. Tropical paradise with no worries. Weather perfect. It was as if I was suspended above the water. It was wonderful.

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(NSFW) Having sex with Jared Padalecki. And making out with Jensen Ackles after that.

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I have a lot of vivid dreams. The best one was where I was decked out in my astronaut gear and en route to the moon. I was catapulted into space. the sensations were amazing – the butterflies in my belly were something else.

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From time to time I have some epic dreams. I had this dream not so long ago and I don’t remember much because it was fuzzy a bit! I was walking alone at night gazing at the stars and the moon. In seconds the beautiful night sky changed and it started to rain with some hardcore thunder! I was trying to get back home but I couldn’t see and the next thing I know the thunder hits me perfectly and I get electrified. Epic thing about this? I didn’t die, I became THE GOD OF THUNDER! Just like Thor. Jee, wish it was true.

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I don’t get dreams that have much of a theme. Just odd random fragments that make no sense and I forget most of them when I wake up. What kinds of drugs would do that for me?

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I like my flying dreams best. I guess the best was flying above towns and islands. I think it was in Scotland or Wales. I’d touch down on tall islands with flat grassy tops, just to get my bearings. I was trying to find a particular town to meet up with friends.
Mostly my flying is only room high. Then there is flying in which I move quickly about a foot from the floor. I can get through groups of people easily that way. It takes no energy and I never get tired.

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Best dream I ever had was one dream that turned lucid. I think I’d been watching something about WW2 because in my dream I was part of the resistance and I was helping some children get to safety. We were being pursued by Nazis, and we found our way blocked by a river that was too wide to cross. No bridge, no boat, we were trapped.

At this point, I realised, whilst still dreaming, that it was a dream, and therefore I could control everything that happened in it.

I waited until the Nazis were almost upon us, then I marched right up to their leader, told him to get out of my damn dream, and at that point he and all the other Nazis promptly vanished.

Then I woke up.

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@Sunny2 I’ve noticed in my flying dreams that my altitude is always restricted. A bit more than roof height though, I can reach treetops, but never higher than that.

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The best dream I had was about me trying to get some sleep in my dream and I couldn’t fall asleep. When I was about to be able to sleep I had to wake up. Useless to say I was really tired that day ^^

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I’m pretty sure that all my sex dreams involving Johnny Depp take top billing.

I’ve also had very vivid dreams, where everything is brightly colored (imagine a real Lisa Frank world) and I can fly. I have sparkling wings and bright, elf-looking shoes, and I just flutter around everywhere. In those dreams, everything is utopian and everyone is happy. I have those fairly often.

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The one that is sticking with me right now is one I had last night. You see we just got back from vacation in the U.S. and we had picked up a nice bottle of Cabo Wabo tequila cheap. We drove it 1000 kms back home and, as my hubby unpacked the car, he managed to drop it on the road causing it to smash and water the pavement with tequila.

My dream last night: I was standing outside as my hubby is explaining to his brother that he just dropped the bottle (the tequila had gathered in a shallow ditch). His brother then gets down on his belly and starts drinking the tequila out of the ditch in an effort to not waste it.

When I woke up this morning my initial thought was, “but his brother is 1000 kms away”. Then I realized I was remembering a dream and burst out laughing.

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I really can’t say the best nor can I say greatest, but I can say the strangest dream I’ve ever had is on-going and began the moment I took my first breath and discovered I was here and I don’t think I’ll really wake up until I take my last breath.

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I had this dream about a zombie invasion, and I ran into the woods down by the river, which was a nearly perfect replica of actual down by the river trees I lived close by at the time. Xena came and tried to save me. She failed though, and all of a sudden, her sword was in my hand. I just fell to my knees though, and got swarmed by zombies. As I was dying from being eaten, I saw an angel with a red dress running towards me, with her arms stretched out to grab me, and a big smile on her face. It was odd because she had wings, but wasn’t using them.

I don’t know why it’s my best dream ever, but I’ve always remembered it, even if it’s nearly a 15 year old dream lol. I woke up and I was like, holy SHIT that rocked.

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@downtide That’s the FAA for you.

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@Symbeline – If you got to become Xena, does that mean you got to make out with Gabrielle after the cameras got turned off and nobody was looking?

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In theory, yes, but unfortunately, in this dream I just died. But that angel that came had blond hair, maybe it was her. ^^

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I had a dream about @janbb, last night. We (a bunch of Jellies) were sitting around in a huge circle. It was Fluther’s last day (they were shuttin’ ‘er down, folks), and @janbb started singing. She had the most beautiful singing voice. Reminded me of Janice Ian.

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Oh – that is a sweet dream @Jude! I wish I had a voice like Janice Ian’s. (Funnily enough, I went to nursery with her.)

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