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Fun things to do with a HUGE watermelon?

Asked by Abby (111points) June 20th, 2007

Seriously, there are some enormous watermelons at the grocery store here. I once tried to pour vodka into one and it totally failed. Other ideas, like for a party?

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a friend of mine and i once made a very grand entrance at a birthday party carrying a gigantic watermelon. we pronounced it the birthday melon, and everyone signed it before we presented it to the birthday boy. and then we cut it up and everyone get an unexpected slice of melon. simple, yet memorable use of melon.

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If you have access to a lake, the buoyancy of a watermelon (it will slowly float) can make for some hilarious tomfoolery. We played some great watermelon games in the lake when I was a kid.

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Well, there's the classic "watermelon fruit basket" which makes a nice centerpiece. Checkkit:

I wouldn't say that this is overwhlmingly "fun" but it's kinda funky, practical and depending on how good you are at carving, and the contents you put in the basket, it could be more creative. Then, there's the wacky world of "watermelon carving" which is uh...well, see for yourself. Clearly, the possibilities are limitless ; ) :

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I can't believe no one has stated the obvious: A giant watermelon spitting contest! And if you want a variation on it... you can put the slippery seeds between your fingers and squeeze for a seed shotputting contest.

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It's been a month, so I'm guessing the watermelon is long since eaten (or played with in a lake), but I have to say, the coolest thing I've ever done with a watermelon is throw it off the roof of a building. It explodes in such an exciting way!

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I have heard that a great thing to do with a watermelon is to cut a small hole in it and pour a bottle of vodka into it, other than that I’ve always wanted to get a sledgehammer and a watermelon and pretend I’m Gallagher:)

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Yeah.. cut a hole in one end and pour vodka into it. Let it sit for an hour or more in the fridge, turning it periodically so the vodka goodness gets spread around inside the melon. Then comes the fun part.. cutting it open and eating spiked melon slices. Spiked melon = party pleaser.

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