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What's your best idea for quitting smoking?

Asked by Britcraft86 (61points) May 7th, 2008

I smoke way to much. Like a carton a week, and I have no willpower. Hmm. What to do.

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Try licking ashtrays and chewing cigarette bums! hehe that will surelly make yourself sick anytime you go near a cigarette…

Seriouslly now, I quit smoking using one of those nicotine patches 7 years ago. I used to smoke two packs and a half a day!!!

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The only method that has worked for me was quitting cold turkey. It’s been 2 years now. The other thing that helps is “motivation”. For me, it was my children.

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You will not quit smoking until you REALLY, REALLY want to quit smoking. No matter what you do. You must set your thought pattern to quiting. First cut out smoking where and when you normally do it. If you smoke while driving then stop. If you smoke in the morning wait for an hour. If you smoke after a meal then wait for another hour. Try doing push ups during a craving.
I have been fighting this fight for a long time.
Try shiftting from the term “quitting” to “stopping.”

Good luck and be careful to not lash out at the ones you love too much.


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I think you will only give up when you are truly 100 percent ready to give up. Lot’s of people make half hearted atempts at it but fail. You will know deep down when you are truly ready to quit. Its been over three years for me and I still get the odd craving. Good luck.

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I don’t smoke. Never have. But I often thought, what if you looked at how much money it cost. When I did that it helped me stop eating out at lunch every day at work.

Not nearly as addictive as smoking, I know.

Best of luck.

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I find a completely absorbing video game can over-ride any physical urge (sleep, urination, eating, drinking, smoking) it occupies your hands and attention and makes hours seem like minutes, if you’re into that sort of thing.

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my friend came up with idea of how to stop the israeli/palestine situation. everyone in israel/palestine smokes. what if every israeli had to buy cigarettes from the other side and vice versa? i think that people are too stubborn and would just quit smoking.

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Judochop and beware are correct. Quitting smoking is both a battle against chemical addiction (yes, that means you are a drug addict) and behavioral modification. You will most likely not quit until you are really, really, ready.

There is an excellent book for people who are not sure if they are ready to quit. It actually encourages you to smoke WHILE you read the text. It is Allen Carr’s famous “Easy Way to Stop Smoking”. Despite it’s deceptively simple title, the book worked for me and millions of others.

After the initial chemical addiction is broken in about a month, the rest of getting off cigarettes is learning how to live life as a non-smoker. That requires behavioral modification and means you have to approach life in different ways than you did before. In the lingua franca of addiction assistance, you may have to change your “playgrounds and playmates” as well as constantly remind yourself that smoking is a drug addiction.

That book is a good start. Pick up a paperback copy for a few dollars and see if Allen’s approach is for you. Best of luck!

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Think about how torturous quitting actually is, and remind yourself that you don’t want to have to go through the process again. That’s what finally worked for me. I just got sick of trying to quit, so I finally just did it. It took an enormous amount of will power, but I’ve never once regretted it.

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As several people have mentioned, quitting cold turkey is truly the only way that seems to work. I tried quitting twice before I was successful – once in nicotine gum and once weening myself off. Neither worked. One day, I summoned all the willpower I had, and just stopped smoking. The only way to quit is to do just that — quit.

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Nicotine is a more addictive drug than heroin.

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You know I have a friend who quit by hypnosis…he wanted to quit but didn’t WANT it want it, so he did about 6 sessions and it’s been 4 years or so…

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I know someone who stopped by sniffing a jar full of cigarette butts before every smoke. She’d sniff it before and after each cigarette she smoked, and add the one she just finished to the jar when she was done. She said after about a week she started smoking less. Next thing you know, the smell had her so sick she couldn’t bare the thought of having to sniff that jar even one more time.

I quit “cold turkey” 5 years ago when I found out I was pregnant. Now I drink a lot. HA

KIDDING (just a bit of parental humor)

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