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Can anyone recommend an inexpensive kit for turning an old fridge into a Keg-er-ator?

Asked by alabare (282points) May 7th, 2008

I want to turn my old fridge into a keg-er-ator. Looking to do so inexpensively. Any suggestions? I’ve come across several “kits”, but all seem fairly overpriced.

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Just use a drill with a 2 inch metal bit. Wear eye protection. Align a keg inside the ref and mark where the spout/pump hole should go. Drill through, don’t press too hard or the bit might break. If you know someone who does welding, he could burn a hole through for you. Cut an O-ring so you can wrap it around the hole for insulation. All it takes is one hole in the ref to access the brew. Invite me when it’s operational.

gooch's avatar sell kits for a good price.

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After several months I realized that you do not want to go the super cheap route. I’d recommend (and their forum) for all your parts.

You will have a foaming machine if you end up getting a cheap kit. Then you will start replacing parts which will end up costing more than doing it right the first time.

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