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Do you agree that fluther can only be used for popular issues?

Asked by Your_Majesty (8212points) September 16th, 2011

I remember that I once asked a question that involve GTA and it was modded, the mod said that not many people know about GTA. I, however, allowed to post a question regarding The Sims. Both video games were award winning video games and were very popular around the world, including in America.

Of course, this is just one example but I suspect that only popular issues can be asked in fluther. I believe a question that asks about “Is Pluto Mickey mouse’s dog?” would be allowed to be posted but a question that asks about “Is Kurapika is a girl?” wouldn’t be allowed to be posted.

What do you think? Did you ever face such situation?

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No. I don’t “get” your details I think we talk about all sorts of things that are “unpopular” on here.

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No,I don’t agree.

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@SpatzieLover Really? Do you think they will allow me to post “What do you think about Mulan Jameela (Indonesian actress) in her career?” They will definitely allow me to post if the I change the actress with Halle Berry, or other popular actresses. See what I meant now?

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You are completely wrong.
You can ask what ever you like.
It is not a middle of the road site, and not only American based.
It is a global site at least the users are from all over the globe.

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Clearly not, which is why I’ll say outright that I don’t believe that was the actual reason your question was modded. I asked a question recently about obscure factoids in Star Wars, and another about disaster preparedness. Only one of those could remotely be considered popular.

The fact that there are numerous unanswered “orphans”, most of them asking on obscure topics, supports this. Plus, I assume by GTA you mean Grand Theft Auto, which, while a thoroughly idiotic game, is well known. Could it perhaps have been that you kept it abbreviated and needed to use the full name?

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@Your_Majesty Have you tried asking “What do you think about Mulan Jameela (Indonesian actress) in her career?” I am confident that it will not get modded.

Also, I am very surprised that your question about GTA got modded. Fluther normally encourages diversity, so modding a question because nobody knows the answer is sort of stupid.

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I don’t agree either. It’s more likely that your question was removed for another reason, perhaps because you were using the abbreviation GTA as @incendiary_dan suggests. There have been a lot of topics asked on Fluther and if you look back at the orphaned questions, you will see that there are indeed some things that aren’t very popular or that people aren’t very knowledgeable about (as shown by them being orphans).

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I disagree. I find Fluther to be a fantastic platform for discussing all things great and small.

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@incendiary_dan I believe that Star Wars are very popular worldwide so I don’t see any problem from it. No, It wasn’t because of the abbreviation of GTA (It was explained in the post anyway). Why do you think GTA is an idiotic game? Could it be the same reason they used to mod my question?

@PhiNotPi Perhaps. I’m afraid people will have no idea of what I’m talking about and that will lead to moderation. Maybe I shall give it a try sometime.

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@Your_Majesty The best way to find out for sure why your question was modded is to ask augustlan. Just send her a pm and ask her about it. What exactly was your question?

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I don’t agree, either. Mostly questions like that seem to get modded only if they are written in a very unclear fashion.

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@Seaofclouds I like that idea. It’s just that the mod has said that it was because not many people know about Grand Theft Auto so I can assume that it was affected popularity issue.

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@Your_Majesty Check with Augustlan. That seems like an odd reason to me (and one I’ve never heard of being used for pulling a question). That’s why I wonder what your actual question was and maybe if there was something in the details that made them mod it.

If questions were removed because people didn’t know much about them (and they weren’t popular), we wouldn’t have any orphans, like these (for example):

Does anyone have any experience with TarSoft’s FollowMe?

Would a Python coder please view the source code for Papagayo and see if allowing additional save formats is possible?

Is it possible to run a web application written in ASP.NET Framework 4.0 (Sub-Folder) under a web application written in Framework 2.0 ( Root)?

Just to give a few examples.

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No, I think you are wrong about not being able to post questions about subjects that are not as popular, but you will probably be asked to clarify a detail here and there. I have no idea what either GTA or Sims is, so I I (and most other people, I’m guessing) won’t know what those things are if that is how you worded a question. The mods would probably suggest that you give a short explanation of what GTA and Sims is in your question, but they wouldn’t just mod it completely off the site. That just wouldn’t make any sense. There are lots of specific, technical questions, about subjects that most of the collective would not understand, but there are a few people who do, and as long as the details of these “subjects” are clarified (or even if you just point out that most people will not be aware of such and such, but for those who do please help) then it should be fine.

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@Seaofclouds Please understand that I have no intention to bring up the past issue as I have accepted the moderation style in fluther (I stated that in this question just as an example). It was one of the very first questions I made when I first joined this site, if my memory still serve me well I ask about “Who is your most favourite girlfriend in GTA San Andreas? (I believe the detail was pretty clear).

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I recall one of your modded gaming questions @Your_Majesty was about a boot-legged copy not working or that you needed to acquire a boot-legged copy for some reason. If that’s why you’re bringing this up, instead of what you’re saying here, that’s another topic altogether.

It had zilch to do with being “unpopular”. It had to do with illegal activity.

GTA was not clear to me until now. And it was most likely modded due to spelling errors or “lack of thoughtful discussion”...when you’re modded, you can read the notes they send you. If you don’t understand why somethings been modded you can email the mods and request clarification.

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@Your_Majesty I understand what you are saying. I just disagree that we can only ask about popular things. To me, it sounds like, in your example, they didn’t want you using the abbreviation GTA in the actual question. Regardless of that now, I think we can see that there are definitely unpopular topics being asked about on a pretty regular basis just by looking at the orphan questions.

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@Seaofclouds I seem to recall a rule about company names not being allowed in questions, too…I recall @WillworkforChocolate having a question removed because “Hershey’s” or “Kisses” were in the tile/description…So that may be at play here as well.

Again @Your_Majesty, Mods will definitely clarify it for you.

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@SpatzieLover How rude of you to judge me like that? This question has nothing to do with my past what so-called ‘plagiarism’ issue. I did accept that I couldn’t ask such question here and as I said this question has nothing to do with my past issues. Didn’t your read my detail? They said that it was because Not many people know GTA.

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@Your_Majesty Grand Theft Auto? Spell it out without abbreviation and it will be o.k.?

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@SpatzieLover A rule about company names doesn’t seem right though, if it did, we wouldn’t have any questions about specific phones, computers, or other products. Weird.

@Your_Majesty They may have meant specifically the abbreviation GTA in the question. As far as I know, abbreviations are the only thing they get concerned about people knowing/understanding to avoid confusion.

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@Seaofclouds It may have something to do with how we discuss the company or the product?! I dunno

@Your_Majesty I was answering your question. I didn’t understand your details. It seemed to me you already had your answer to why they pulled down the GTA quesion.

I know why they pulled your other gaming question. Yep, you posted it. Yep, it got modded later. Correct?

EDIT: Again, had you asked for clarification, you would understand that “not that many people know GTA” would most likely mean “most people don’t know or understand that abbreviation”.

BTW: I now recall flagging that question. It made zero sense to me.

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I kind’a, sort’a, agree, yeah…

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@SpatzieLover Well, you was answering my question… And trying to insinuate me at the same time by bringing up old issue! Not very mature, but no matter.

I thought it was because of popularity issue. I only ask for clarification (For Popularity regarding questions, not merely about GTA, which is only an example).

Oh well, it seems that you have no determination to discuss this issue. I don’t understand you last sentence anyway.

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No, I don’t. Perhaps if you had a question modded, it was because the details were not understandable.

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Lots of questions here regard things I have never heard of (Brian Souter?).

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No, we’re free to ask pretty much anything that isn’t blatantly offensive.

And chill on being tacky to @SpatzieLover and @JilltheTooth okay? They’re not attacking you, they’re pointing out facts. I have to agree that many of your questions do not make any sense because of poor sentence structure and grammar and spelling errors. But that doesn’t mean I’m attacking you.

By the way, it’s insult, not insinuate. It’s not possible to “insinuate” people.

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All aboard the crazy train! ;) Geez, seems like some people’s panties are in a bundle.

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[mod says] If you asked a question about “GTA”, you would have been asked to rephrase your title so that it was more obvious to those unfamiliar with the terminology. If, however, you were looking for a bootlegged copy, then, no. We don’t allow illegal content.

We get obscure and technical questions all of the time (just check out the “orphans” area). What we don’t allow is short-hand or terminology that makes it more difficult to interpret your question.

And, as a matter of fact, if you’d like to post ”“What’s your impression of the Indonesian actress Mulan Jameela?”, it would be a perfectly acceptable question (as long as it was in he social section, since it is, in effect, a poll). Of course, you tend to get more benefit out of a question if you put more effort into a question, so citing examples of her work, mentioning specifics that you find particularly alluring, speculating about her future career – the more you put into the details section, the more you’ll direct the discussion.

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I’m going to go out on a limb here, although the mods seem to allow quite a bit of responses that don’t use proper/clear English, they tend not to allow Questions that do not use proper/clear English.

Just saying, because that is part of the Fluther guidelines

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Nope. There must be some other reason why the GTA question got modded. If Fluther only allowed questions about popular stuff…then that GTA question would have remained. It’s an extremely popular game, and franchise.

I’ve seen all sorts of weird ass questions about obscure stuff on here, and asked some of it myself.

I’d love to hear other examples if you have some, because so far, I ain’t seeing that happening. Questions and answers get modded for various reasons, but I’ve never heard of that. :/

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Definitely not. I’m almost certain that the GTA question would have been pulled because a lot of people would have no idea what “GTA” stood for. If it were spelled out, I’m sure it would be fine (again, if it was in the Social Section).

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Just so those who don’t know now know; Grand Theft Auto.

Also, those games have the coolest radio shows that exist.

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I don’t think you understood that modding decision. They’d never mod you on that kind of thing.

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Alright! At least, everything is clear now. At first, I was thinking that fluther will only accept popular global-based issues and Westerners-based issues.

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It is true that a question that not many people know about won’t get a lot of answers, but that’s only natural.

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No. If that were the case, there would be no “Orphan” threads that have been orphans for a really, really long time.

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