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What are some useful, natural steps to stop grining your teeth while sleeping?

Asked by JonnyCeltics (2716points) May 7th, 2008

Can’t afford the mouth guards to wear at night, and regular sports mouth guards are a bitch – any suggestions?

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I think there’s a tooth-whitening system (over-the-counter) that comes with a mouth tray that molds to your teeth the first time you insert it. That could work.

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I have the same problem, but I can’t even stop doing it during the day. I got the guard from the dentist that they fit to my teeth.. it was horrible. Very frustrating to me, not being able to close my mouth all the way, and it gave me headaches even though it fit perfectly. I’d wake up in the morning and find it like halfway across the room.
I can’t really help because I haven’t solved the issue, but just letting you know the dentist’s mouth guard is a waste of time/money.

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I think a conversation with your dentist is in order. Bruxism (or grinding your teeth) can have massive impact on your dental health as it can damage the teeth result in tooth loss and gum promlems. In particular if you have any teeth with fillings they are particularly suseptable to damage.
It would therefore be a good idea to talk to your dentist if your problem is that bad then a mouthguard may be cheaper than sorting out the problems the grinding is causing.

8lightminutes – if the mouthguard was uncomftable why not take it back to the dentist and get him to do something about it. It might just need adjusting slightly or something but if you should at least tell him it didnt work.

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Lightlyseared is right. this is something you should discuss with your dentist to avoid more serious problems developing. Or you could visit your family doctor and ask for a sedative to take at bedtime if you think you are clenching your jaw due to stress.

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lightlyseared – my mouth guard fit just fine as far as I could tell, it just really really bothered me that I couldn’t close my mouth all the way. He is also well aware that I don’t use it. However, I’m really worried, because I have really bad reflux that erodes my teeth a lot, and couple that with grinding and yeah… My insurance won’t cover the reflux medication that I need, none of the others I’ve tried were effective. Grinding I can’t seem to stop but I’m trying those things suggested in the other thread lifeflame posted. Mantra’s dont usually work for me though.

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