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What Is the best gift for my girlfriend of 3 years?

Asked by elman25 (159points) May 8th, 2008 from iPhone

Any ideas .. She really likes different things and like to b suprised… Plus time is running out… I need it by tommorw

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Make her something. If you make it, she’ll probably appreciate it. You can buy her something else as well to go along with it but make her a card, write her a poem, etc. It shows effort and thought.

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3 years and you don’t know what to get her?

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I would be able to offer suggestions if I knew her. But I will offer you some advice. A multi-part gift. Buy her something nice that she would like (you know what that is better than any of us) and take her out for a night on the town when you give it to her. Plopping down a gift and calling it a day is really lame.

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one of the best I ever received from my family was a birthday cake with our favorite family portrait printed on it (from Walmart bakery I think). They knew this gift would mean so much to me. Maybe her favorite picture of the two of you would be meaningful also.

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how old are you/she. How serious is the relationship? Have you discussed the “M” word at all? I agree that something personal that you make a great gift as long as it doesn’t come off as you trying to weasel your way out of spending money on her and being cheap. Photo treasure hunts are fun too where you take a bunch of pictures around the house and then put the picture of B at place A, and place C at B, D at C etc. so that she has to continue through the house to each clue until she finds her present.

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thanks johnpowell good idea…Astrochuck OMG!! LOL everytime I hear or think about that word I start sweating bullets… We are that serious there are only a few factors that come to the table.. Still too young ( im19 she’s 18) and two I want a degree b 4 I make any huge commitmet like that but I’m only nervous b cuz I want her to b happy ..and I need to live up to my stellar gifts from the past…thanks guys

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All I have to say is don’t do any repeat performances. If you’ve got her a necklace before, but you still wanna do jewelry, then get her earrings or something. I learned this the hard way.

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diamond studs if she’s into classic jewelry, plan a trip if she’s not into getting things?

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Something she’s wanted for four.

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