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What kind of computer set up do you have?

Asked by Hawaii_Jake (33944points) September 21st, 2011

I have a Dell all-in-one desktop pc. It is easiest to imagine a pc equivalent of an iMac. It’s a desktop without the tower. It has a nice big screen and loads of memory and speed.

Do you have a pc or a Mac? Desktop or laptop? Old or new?

What OS do you use? I use Windows 7.

Do you have wires running all over the place? One of the advantages of the all-in-one computer is the elimination of wires.

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Here is my set-up.

On the left is box of parts I got from Newegg that I installed OS X on. Right now it is hooked up to two monitors. Third screen from the left is Is a small TV that is hooked up to a jailbroken Apple TV running XMBC so it can stream from my seedbox. On the right is a iMac running a LAMP stack in a VM that is used for development.

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I have an aging Mac TiBook and do the majority of my web browsing on my equally aging iPhone 3G.

As a backup, I have a laptop around the same vintage as the Mac (IBM Thinkpad) which I found on Craigslist for $100 around 4 yrs. ago.

I like to keep it simple as well as being a cheap SOB :)

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I’ve got the new HP Touchsmart. Running windows 7. I have the new macbook pro as well. Irrelevant but Touchsmart + Macbook + iphone + Two 3d leds and two ps3s = Heaven. I love the fact that most things I have are ” all in one ” very few wires and it makes life much easier.

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I’m still using tower desktops (I don’t move much any more so I don’t need portable devices) I use vista (because I like it).. I have a larger (more powerful) back-up (waiting for this one to bite the dust) that’s WIN7 but it’s 64bit so I can’t use most of my current programs (32bit).. The one I have works perfectly (with dsl) however my other is 4x powerful but I can wait. Wires don’t bother me and it’s not a fashion statement because I rarely have company.

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I have a 3 year old MacBook. I like a laptop because then I can take everything with me. I have an EyeTV to use with it so I can receive and record local television. And sometimes I use it with an external monitor if I want to use photoshop or something where a larger screen is desirable.I also have an iPhone4. One of these days I will upgrade to a Macbook Pro. But they keep coming out with better and faster so I think I will wait a little while. Or when the MacAir comes with more storage space, that might be the go!

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I have a Sony VAIO Z running Windows 7 and the developer version of Windows 8 and I have a MacBook Air running Mac OS X Lion. Those are my main computers and what I bring to class and use at my desk. The only wires I have are the power cords, my external hard drives, and my external CD drive for the MacBook Air. Other than that, no cords. I have two mice that I use for both computers sometimes, as well.

I’m used to the small screens (both are 13”) but part of me wants to get a big 17” 1920×1080 PC laptop someday.

I’ll see about posting a picture of my setup tomorrow. Right now everything’s still a mess.

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At home I have a quite new Toshiba laptop. It is actually called a Qosmio but is a Toshiba. I like the red case.

I also have a Sony VAIO netbook for when I travel or I need something smaller to work with and carry around.

At work I have a Dell laptop with a work station and large monitor.

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On my desk there are at least two computers.

I usually post to Fluther on a linux box (fedora 15) that I built a couple years ago. The goal was relatively low power and a lot of storage so it has 4 TB drives that have aggresive power management built in (they will spin at lower speeds= lower power when idle) and a “Brisbane” AMD dual-core that eats only 45 watts. That has a plain Viewsonic LCD monitor. It has a mouse and a trackball and two keyboards (one wireless) hooked up.

Next to that is a six-year-old Shuttle shoebox computer that I rebuilt less than a month ago. Replaced the motherboard (the old one broke and did not see all the RAM) and put an SSD (solid-state-drive) as the main drive. I very much like the SSD and it made a big difference in all aspects of performance. That box has Windows 7 on it now.
This box has a very nice hi-reso Samsung LCD monitor and a 12-year-old Acer/IBM LCD monitor. It also has a fairly good 5-speaker sound system (great for Netflix movies!)

Sometimes there is a laptop or two on the desk, or my ASUS tablet.

There are wires everywhere on and under the desk. Besides the computers I have power strips into which I plug chargers for digital cameras and other gadgets.
It’s a bit of a mess, but it’s my mess and I know where everything is and I like it !

We have several Macs elsewhere in the apartment, one at the TV, an old titanium laptop at the kitchen counter and a couple of them in my wife’s office.

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The box itself is a refurbished store-built (vintage 2005!), assembled from off-the-shelf parts, including a Pentium IV processor. I put in a 750GB HD, a DVDRW drive, a GeForce 6-series GPU, and I’ve upgraded the RAM twice. It runs Windows XP and dual-boots Ubuntu (but I think I messed with the graphics recently, and can’t get the startup screen for Linux -I think I need to plug it back into the TV to fix it.)
It sits on the floor next to the two-tier cart-like desk. The second tier holds the mouse, keyboard, external hard drive, and some millions of odds and ends. The first tier holds the 17” LCD, speakers, and some millions of odds and ends. A third tier carries my printer and perhaps half of my video game boxes.
The floor behind the desk is a rat’s nest of cables.

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I have a PC.
Has a Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600 on an Asus Striker Extreme. Recently upgraded to the boards maximum capacity of 8Gbyte RAM and I also got a new (used) nVidia 285GTX graphic card with 1Gbyte VRAM. I also have 3 hard drives in it, which gives me 1.9 TByte in total.
I am running Windows 7 Ultimate and also Windows XP pro on Virtualbox so I can use my Scanner.
Oh, and it still has the original DVD writer it came with.

Sound is routed over my old Stereo triple CD player radio, and I have quite the cable salad behind my 28” monitor. I also have a 20” secondary monitor mounted on a swivel arm, which I repaired recently by replacing its dead power supply unit (some of the capacitors started bulging). The main monitor also has a stereo microphone mounted on top of it.

Input devices are a cheap black Ednet standard keyboard and a fancy A4 Tech wireless induction powered mouse. Recently I also got a Wacom Bamboo graphic tablet for my drawing needs.

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I consider my home stuff a small extension to what I support at work.
~400 Windows Servers
~250 UNIX servers
HA dual DataCenters
Cisco, F5
5000 Windows 7 clients.
~600 Applications
Actually a small-medium environment.

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I have a Compaq Presario PC with a Hyundai flat screen monitor that I got off Craig’s List. Sadly, I am running Windows Vista.

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I have a 5 yr old MacBook that was recently donated my way after my <2 year old HP tablet died. The Apple OS sort of baffles me… I need to pick up a book or something.

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David Pogue is the go-to guy for explaining Macs. For years he has written the “Missing Manual” series of books about every new iteration of Mac OS.

Also, if there’s any Applestore within convenient driving distance, they have a bargain deal for a years worth of weekly one-on-one instruction for only a hundred bucks. If you schedule all 52 weeks to which you’re entitled, that comes out to slightly less than 2 bucks per lesson. A bargain by any standard.

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@Buttonstc thanks! I know they do a lot of cool stuff, it would be nice to do more with it than simply web browsing.

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I have a MacBook Pro that’s about 3 years old.

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I have a 4 year old 24” iMac and like @rooeytoo I use and EyeTV tuner that I hook up to my cable and I use the iMac for everything. As a computer, as my TV, DVD player and the EyeTV software allows me to use it as a “VCR” too, to record programs, and I can watch streaming Netflix and streaming online stuff on it too. And I have a Logitech wireless keyboard and a wireless mouse. It really like the set up because it’s nice and clean and the only cables are the coaxial to the EyeTV tuner and the printer, , the cable modem and the router, plus the power cords and all the USB plugs are in the back of the iMac so the cables don’t really get in the way. That’s the set up in my bedroom. I also have a Mac Mini that I don’t like all that much because it’s just a hot mess of cables everywhere because you need an external monitor and external speakers plus. And my laptop is a Sony Vaio. I really only use that when I’m traveling. I would have gotten a Mac laptop but they were to expensive for what you get compared to a PC, I think, and I kind of like having access to a Mac and a PC. I’m pretty computered up.

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MacBook Pro bought recently and an iPad first gen. : )

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I have an old ass PC. Used to be a Pentium 4, but pretty much every part in it isn’t the original anymore. Even the casing isn’t the original one. I call it my Frankenstein.
I know this place where they sell, fix and put computers together. I’ve been there for the last four years whenever my machine fucks up, and the guy does a great job. I can’t believe this thing is still running, however it isn’t doing as such too smoothly. Like an old car you got problems starting, but it’s fine after that.
And yeah, I got wires all over. Way too many. Plus a square monitor. I really gotta update, man. But as long as it’s functioning properly…and oh yeah, Windows XP.

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A emachine dial-up that is slower than Christmas.

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I have a two year old tower PC cobbled together from bits and pieces consisting of…

Intel 2.66 GHz processor
2 X 250 GB Hard Drives
Windows 7
Wireless keyboard and mouse
Bose Companion 3 speaker system (Brilliant sound, which has become a must for me)
Sharp 26” TV used as a monitor.

This system sits on a wooden desk with plenty of work surface and drawers to the right. The black spaghetti, enough for one good meal, sits out of sight under the desk.

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Under my desk is my Dell tower, an external hard drive and a scanner/printer. On my desk are my wireless keyboard and mouse, a stereo amplifier, a midi music keyboard, a monitor, my fibre optic modem, two bookshelf speakers and on one of my floor standing speakers is a second monitor. Audio out from my Dell tower is connected to the amplifier. Next to my desk is a three channel mixer connected to two records decks and a midi DJ controller, a Toshiba laptop and a tape deck. One audio out from the mixer goes directly to the amplifier and the other goes to the Dell tower.

And yes there is a whole mess of wires back there.

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@RareDenver nice setup. maybe we should all post a pic of our computer setup…

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Bit like “computer porn”?

Rubs hands gently over the docking station on her desk…..trailing her fingers over the usb connection points…

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@Bellatrix omg, my computer BSOD’d when you did that!

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