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Where do people tell other people to go to if they're already in hell?

Asked by Tbag (3303points) September 23rd, 2011

On planet earth, the expression ” go to hell ” is usually said by most people. If you’re already in hell, where do you tell others to go? Go to earth?! Haha.

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Go suck on the Devil’s dick? ( and that’s not even just an expression, in Hell anything uttered for you to do, your body just obeys, heh )

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If there are little green men somewhere in the cosmos, i’d like to think they say Go to Uranus….& stay there!!

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Our world often feels like Hell on Earth.
I have been know to say may you experience the pain I have. May you reap what you sow.
I do pray that people who have No empathy for people that suffer experience pain. I do say such things to people. I believe are immoral and worthless.
They judge me and I judge them. My gut tells me I am right.
Incompetent teachers and those who abuse autistic people are people I openly wish intense pain. The same to the Elitist who wish to Scape Goat others for the lousy Economy they created in the US.
I am a true survivor and I laugh at their attempts to change my mind. In the end they will get what they deserve. I always LOL last.

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“Hell” is a state of mind, not a destination.
I’d say ” Hope you find your heaven!” ;-)

Remember…” The kingdom of heaven is within!”

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“Go sit with Dahmer and Hitler….”

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^^ lol

I think they may tell them to “Go to Texas”. It’s certainly been hot enough here!!!

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Go to Arkansas (and pronounce it R-kansas for good measure)!

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I don’t think people in hell tell anyone anything.

People in hell are the tellees, not the tellers.

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In other words….. “Go F*ck yourself”…….. Like it ;-)

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“Yeah, well you can just go my dads house!”

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“Ah, go fuck your monkey’s uncle!”

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@Scooby Well that would be one interpretation yes. ;¬}

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I’ve always said, “enjoy your life”.

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If Hell exists and you are there I’m fairly certain you’d be too busy screaming in indescribable agony to tell anyone anything at all.

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Don’t be too sure. Remember Bill Murray in “A Little Shop of Horrors”? He shivered with anticipatory delight before sitting down in Dan Ackroyd’s dental chair.

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@gailcalled I do remember that. It was hilarious. Coincidentally, hilarious is not a term I personally associate with hell.

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No. If he’s already in hell there’s the expression “rot in hell” ^^ Better stay there.

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I tell them to go someplace nice… North Korea for example.

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I do not comprehend all this pessimism. All this darkness, and the wish to sway someone forth to abandon and despair. As here I am, in Valhalla, carrying the mightiest of warriors to their death! Their death and their prize, everlasting battle!
Kill and never die, drink and never throw up, know your glory, even though nobody else sees it…but those who you strike down. But then they get up again…forever they must fall.

Yeah I…I’d tell them to go somewhere where there isn’t any beer available.

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@Symbeline Saintly bovine! That would suck; do not ever tell me to go there!

<hides all her Shiner Bock>

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