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Which zombie lover has 20K?

Asked by Hawaii_Jake (35501points) September 25th, 2011

It’s our zombie-loving Symbeline!

Congratulations and Ho’omaikai!

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Yay! A party!!

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Oh fucking no- the 20K Kastle is being invaded by the Canadian Cween of the Undead! ;-0

20Kongrats to the poet laureate of the unliving, known otherwise as PLOTU!

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Yay! I lurve you, Symbeline. Congrats!

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Awesome! Keep on truckin’ till zombie questions top the charts! (Or at least until the apocalypse comes, which I think by this point we know will be zombie related.)

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Hey congrats to the Zombie lover! Welcome and good job.

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Congrats @Symbeline now that you made it go find yourself a nice zombie and celebrate in style!!!!

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Yay! Bring on the zombie themed party. Congratulations beautiful @Symbelline. So happy you are here.

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Oh heyyyyyyyy. Congratulations!!!!!

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“Horror and I are soul mates.” Bangarangin Classic.

Heh, for you.

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20Kongratulations @Symbeline

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@Symbeline should give us cookies !!! Where are our cookies?

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TERRIFIC! Wonderful work, Symbeline! You deserve every bit of lurve that you’ve earned!

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WooHoo! Congratulations :)

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Congrtaulations, @Symbeline!

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My favorite zombie lover @symbeline! Congratulations!

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I want zombie cookies please. They will need black frosting, and red and green highlights. (Must be specific.)

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Mazel Tov @Symbeline! Killer job!

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Congrats on the 20 Grand! Time for some Zombie chamber music to celebrate the occasion.

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One of my favorites. I think adore you, girl.

Congrats, pretty lady!!!

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Félicitations, @Symbeline! You have the brain of a mad scientist, the mouth of a sailor, and the heart of an innocent child though you should probably give that last one back to the poor kid. We all lurve you to bits!

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Congrats to my favorite buddy! 20,000 points of the most blunt, honest and funny points ever deserved! You fuckin’ rule, Chickie! Beers on me….Till the dead walk the Earth….....Cheers! :)

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Bravo, bravo! Congrats, Symbeline! You’re a fuckin’ pro at Fluther, and no zombie out there is more deserving of hitting 20K than you. :)

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Congratulations, @Symbeline! I enjoy a Fluther conversation more when you step into it. :)

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Congo Rats Symbeline! I love your comments, cause you have BrrAiiiNsss

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Congrats to one of my favs. Your posts are never boring!

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Queen of the undead and doesn’t even know who Thanatos is… Harrumph. Congrats on 20k!

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Excellent!!!! Congratulations on 20k!

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It’s not the Zombie love making me crush on her, it’s the Xena like fighting skills and battle cry.

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Ooooh….my favorite little slurpee sipping zombie girl!

Woo Hoo!

Spike those slurpees and break out the punch bowl, and everyone move over, Symbelline is sitting next to me at the banquet! :-)

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Whaat! Who will protect the 10K mansion now¿¿¿
The 20K mansion has all the fun…Congratulations @Symbeline

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Congratulations! Very well done!

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This took it’s time, I expected it last night. Anyway yeah, congrats!! I like your spunky spirit ;¬}

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Way to go Symb :) You’re one of the coolest, quirkiest jellies around. Don’t ever stop being you :)

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Congratulations Symbeline! :-)

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Yay Symbeline! Congratulations on hitting 20k. Save me a room right next to yours so we can hunt zombies together. :)

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Well Done!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Someone take the brains off the ice, it’s time to party!

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Congratulations Symbeline!

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Yay for the living dead girl. Raise that jar of hunchback juice on high.

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I wanted to throw your celebration @symbeline, but I couldn’t find a single Fluther night-denizen who hadn’t maxed out on lurve for you. Guess that tells you all you need to know about how loved you are, you amazing girl!
I am awed to call you my friend. You have a unique perspective and you’re like nobody else in the world (and that’s a very good thing!)
Major lulz, celebrations and endless cases of beer. Let’s party!!!! Congratulations.

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Can’t believe I missed this.
We need another movie night to celebrate your success!

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Congrats! You’re awesomesauce.

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I’m a bit late, but congratulations!

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Well all this certainly makes my Sunday. What a nice thing to wake up to. :)
When I hit 10K it was all awesome, then I figured, hitting 20K prolly won’t be all that special. But I was wrong lol. Feels all warm and fuzzy. :D I ain’t got no grand speech to give, but yall know how I feel. :) ’‘decapitates some random zombie’’

@Hawaii_Jake Thanks for setting up the party mate. :) Does Hawai have any cool zombie stories? For the longest time I thought it was related to actual zombie myth, then I learned that was in South Africa. And Tahiti. Wherever that is. But Hawai has to have something, right? Anyways, thanks. XD :)

@Ayesha Thanks. :) And in this party, we drink our stuff from the skulls of our enemies! Cheers. :D

@Brian1946 My invasion is wose than a 1000 zombies! Except I don’t smell. XD Thank you. :)

@augustlan Thank ye. I like when you larvae me with the whip, too. ^^

@Prosb The Apocalypse will definitely have zombies. Fuck 2012. Unless it has zombies. Thanks, I will definitely keep on trucking…and running over zombies in my truck. XD

@rooeytoo Thank you. :)

@creative1 Will do! ’‘curve stomps a zombie’’ Thanks. :)

@Bellatrix Thanks, friend. I’m happy you’re here too. ’‘hugs’’ :)

@Jellie Thanks, dude. :)

@mazingerz88 Ha I love that song, even if it doesn’t actually have anything to do with zombies. Love it.
And lol, that’s pretty cool how you remembered some ’‘classics’’ from me. :D I feel all paid attention to anshit. Thanks. :)

@flutherother Thanks man. :)

@Hibernate Here they are. They have zombie faces on em, and there’s jelly inside so they look like they bleed when you bite into them. :D

@tedibear I like to think I deserve all that larvae. Thank you. :)

@Leanne1986 Many thanks to thee. :)

@marinelife Gracias. :)

Thanks @chyna. You know, we need to get to know one another more. I know you’re awesome, so I need to kidnap you and hang out more. :)

@snowberry If I can’t find some like that, would a Twinky do the trick? :D

@janbb How do you say thanks in Hebrew? (that is what that was, right?) In the meanwhile, thank you. :)

@Kayak8 Arigatou. :)

@Cruiser Thanks, and cool song. My dad would be proud of you. :D

@Jude Thanks friend. You’re a damn fine friend, and I like that you don’t tell anyone when I molest you. ’‘hugs!’’

@Judi Thank you. :)

@SavoirFaire Wow, that was pretty poetic. I have to admit, if you see me as how you described, I’m touched. :) And screw that kid, he ain’t getting nuthin back. XD Thank you. :)

@Joker94 Thanks friend. But don’t forget, you’re totally awesome yourself. Can’t wait till your party. :)

@Only138 Till the dead walk the earth…I fuckin love that, man. Cheers, friend. :) Can’t wait till your party, as well. :D

@dappled_leaves Really? I’ll make it a note to do it more often, then. You asked for it. XD Thank you. :)

@filmfann Thanks man. Big thumbs up to a fellow movie lover. :)

@tranquilsea Yeah, some of those rules, I kinda fly under the radar…but as that movie also shows, I know how to improvise. Yall safe with me if zombies show up. Thanks. :)

@Adirondackwannabe Thank you. You’re always awesome yourself, don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. I’m kickin their ass if they do. :)

@King_Pariah I do now! And I always figured Thanatos had something to do with death, just wasn’t sure. Thanks for teaching me something awesome. :)

@Eggie Thank you. :)

@Imadethisupwithnoforethought ’‘Yodels!’’
Xena approves of this. Thank you, man. :)

@Seaofclouds Thanks, dude. :)

@Coloma This will be a banquet of darkness, and we shall feast upon the flesh and bones and…hey look, slurpees! Thanks friend. :) I never tell you, but you often brighten my day on Fluther, and I appreciate it a lot. :)

@AmWiser I think the 10K mansion will be fine, with all the freaks we got on here. I mean that in a good way. Thank you. :)

@Bluefreedom Thanks, man. :)

@zensky Thanks, Picard. :)

@ucme It took its time, like a classic zombie. I’m coo widdat. Thanks friend. :)

@FutureMemory Aaaw, thanks man. Don’t worry, I won’t change. Even if I wanted to, I couldn’t anyways. :)

@mangeons Thank you. :)

@KatawaGrey No problem, fucking shit up in unison is always better. Thank you. :)

@Lightlyseared Thank ye. :)

@DrBill Thanks. :)

@everephebe Hell yeah, you know it! :D

@wilma Thank you. :)

@woodcutter Lmao hunchback juice. XD Let’s drink up! Thanks man. :)

You’re definitely someone special too @Blueroses, and an inspiration to me. I love how you’re so open minded and honest and smart, so it’s really cool if you recognize stuff like that in me. Means it’s real man. :D Thanks for being my friend. ’‘hugs!’’

@Michael_Huntington Hell yeah we do. What do you suggest? I should prepare for Basketcase, since I’m the one who won’t stop telling you to watch it lol.

@tinyfaery Thank you. Being awesomesauce is awesome lol. Wanna taste me? :D

@laineybug Thanks yo. :)

Oh wow lookit all those fuckin emoticons I typed. So many. It’s like a zombie invasion. XD Thanks you guys, I’m havin a blast with this thread lol. Went through two mugs of coffee to reply to it. XD Now I’m all hyper.

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Wahoo, great job @Symbeline! You are so funny and interesting. Thanks for swimming in the lagoon with us!

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@Symbeline thanks. I shall eat them thinking of you :)

Kardamom's avatar

Girfriend! Slip into this while we get your chambers ready.

The mansion recently acquired the lot next door so we’re putting your chambers next to @cruisercruiser’s romantic castle if you don’t mind. We figured there would be shrieks coming from both abodes LOL.

We’ve purposely set it away from everyone else’s rooms, so I hope you won’t mind walking through our little meadow to get there. But don’t worry you, you can ride over if you don’t feel like walking.

We figured that you deserve some pampering so we’ve hired several servants for you during your stay. Here is your lady’s maid and your dresser and your butler and your personal chef and your personal masseuse

You must be parched so have a seat, while you’re waiting and sip on this. After you’ve gotten settled in you can meet us down in the dining hall (aka _graveyard__) for appetizers and then we’ll have dinner which will consist of soup and bread and salad and spaghetti and dessert

Afterwards we’ll all ajoin to your personal theater to watch re-runs of Dark Shadows, Psycho, Dracula (the one with Frank Langella), The Groovy Ghoulies, Scooby Do, Night Gallery, The Nightmare Before Christmas and one of my favorite movies, Trilogy of Terror.

Have a wonderful time and don’t let the bedbugs bite, unless of course, you’re INTO that!!! Bwaaaa haaaaaa haaaaaa [insert sound of thunder clap]

When you’re ready to head back home, you can take the carriage back to the airport or you can exit like this instead.

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holds the light very still

Congratulations @Symbeline!!!

bumper sticker… “Have you hugged your Zombie today?”

Brian1946's avatar

These congratulatory threads can be a lot of work for the recipients and for @Kardamom. ;-)

rebbel's avatar

This probably only the second time I respond to a Zombie thread they spooky…...
Well done on reaching that big, big number @Symbeline , I congratulate you!

zensky's avatar

Every thread is hard work for Kardamom – just saying.

AshLeigh's avatar

Zombies, FTW! :D
Congrats, @Symbeline!
I just realized it’s Symbeline. I’ve been pronouncing it Syblime this hole time in my head. XD

zensky's avatar

Cuz she’s so sublime.

Blackberry's avatar

Congrats you zombie lovin’, videogame playing, Xena adoring flutherer.

WillWorkForChocolate's avatar

OH SHIT! There goes the neighborhood….

But seriously folks… there goes the fucking neighborhood. Really. Before you know it, your mansion will be invaded by zombies who are lookin’ for their favorite, crazy ass lady, and she’ll invite them to tea or some other insane shit, just to fuck with their heads! You guys better watch your asses in there!

Congrats to a crazy broad who’s made of awesome! Save me a spot in your harem; I’ll be there in approximately 5,772 points!

Dude, someone frikkin push up my lurve so I can play with Sym’s pet zombies!

Brian1946's avatar


“Really. Before you know it, your mansion will be invaded by zombies….”

At least the 10K mansion is now zombie-free, unless….

Berserker's avatar

@Kardamom Holy crap dude, those are some gorgeous pictures. I want that dress and that carriage so bad. And my servants. :D Also, I’m pretty sure I’ve been to that meadow in my dreams. Haha cool, it’s like you know all my personal tastes. :D
And yes, we’re definitely checking out Trilogy of Terror…I loved that. And that spaghetti is fuckin awesome. Imma have to make that for real lol. Thanks for the fine welcome. ’‘evil laugh echoing in the mansion’’

@EnchantingEla Either that or, have you killed a few zombies today? I’d totally love to have a pillow with a picture of a zombie on it, so I could hug a zombie without getting messed up. Thank you. :)

@rebbel I thank you. And zombies aren’t too freaky, they just smell bad. XD

@AshLeigh Lol. XD Well, that works for me. Thanks. :)

@Blackberry Thanks mate. Also they should have totally made an episode where Xena fights zombies. :D

@WillWorkForChocolate Oh you got a spot in there alright. I may be worse than the zombies, just sayin. Thanks friend…oops, some zombies got loose. You might get to play with them after all. :D

Ela's avatar

@Symbeline Nah, I gave up playing with the undead when I got divorced ; )

Berserker's avatar

@EnchantingEla Dude, that’s even more hardcore than me. XD

KateTheGreat's avatar

Hey lady! Happy 20k day!

You’re the best, I lurve you to death, and I can’t imagine Fluther without you.

Now let’s sit on the couch, drink a case of beer and watch zombie movies. Then afterwards I’ll feel you up with my tentacles. ;) ;)


Berserker's avatar

@KateTheGreat I could sure go for some sexy forehead tentacles right bout now. :D I’m totally and madly in love with you too. ’‘hugs, feels up’’ :D Thank you. :)

Brian1946's avatar

@KateTheGreat @Symbeline

“Now let’s sit on the couch, drink a case of beer and watch zombie movies.”

Would that be about 48 hours worth of zombie movies or something less?

Perhaps I should bring some Peruvian flake unless you all have some Red Bull. ;-)

Berserker's avatar

My roomie has some Redbull, she loves that crap. I’ll steal some for you. :)

I don’t know how long our movie watching and sex will last, but not long enough. Welcome aboard. :)

Brian1946's avatar


“My roomie has some Redbull, she loves that crap. I’ll steal some for you. :)”

That’s good, because the only Peruvian flake I actually have is my wife. ;-)

Berserker's avatar

I had to look that up…Peruvian flake lol. I thought it was just some other energy drink. Lmao. XD

Your wife can come along too! The Redbulls will be available if you want em. :D

KateTheGreat's avatar

You guys better watch out, my forehead tentacles get a little feisty around @Symbeline.

Brian1946's avatar

I’d love to see an octopus version of Medusa- a head full of tentacles instead of snakes.

Berserker's avatar

You came to the right party. :D

KateTheGreat's avatar

* Waves my tentacles at Brian * Come here, ya big cutie!

blueiiznh's avatar

What the FFFFFFFF, I missed this last night.


YARNLADY's avatar

* * * Y * A * Y * * * CONGRATULATIONS ! ! ! GOOD WORK ! ! ! * * * Y * A * Y * * *

Brian1946's avatar

I’m always up for a face full of suction-cup hickies, gorgeous. ;-o

Berserker's avatar

@KateTheGreat ’‘gets over there’’ Oh wait, it wasn’t for me…XD

@blueiiznh Shit, I missed this last night. XD Thanks, man. :)

@YARNLADY Thanks. :D

@Brian1946 Who ain’t?!

KateTheGreat's avatar

Ahem, I already had my tentacles all up in you!

Berserker's avatar

They’re coming out my mouth…damn you feisty! :D

AstroChuck's avatar

Mmmm. Brains… gooood.
@Symbeline. 20K. More gooood.
Errrrrrrrr. Congratulations. Uhhhhh. Deserve. You. Gooood.

Berserker's avatar

@AstroChuck Errrrrrr, thanks mate. :D Attack hug!

AstroChuck's avatar

You. Errrr welcome. Uhhhhh.

blueiiznh's avatar

My Magnetic Zombie Poetry Kit has your name all over it dude!

bkcunningham's avatar

I just got word. Congratulations!

Berserker's avatar

@blueiiznh Holy shit. I need that zombie poem kit. It’s right up my alley too, because my secret shame is that I like writing poems lol. They’re usually all goth and tragic. Again, I say, this kit must be mine. :) And I’d get those mints just for the fuckin box lol. :D

@bkcunningham Dude, thank you. :)

blueiiznh's avatar

@Symbeline they are in my kitchen for the taking.and word moving.

Brian1946's avatar

Are there dyslexic zombies and do they eat brians? For my sake, I hope they don’t exist.

wundayatta's avatar

I boy! I can’t believe I’m so late to the party! Or maybe I am fashionably late for once in my life.

@Symbeline you are one of the coolest jellies I know. Your warped mind rocks! Always fun, always weird and yet, when you let it slip, terribly smart and perceptive.

If I had another life, I would want to be you. Sounds ridiculous I’m sure, but there it is. Even if I did have to learn how to drink. Beer.

Anyway, you are one of the people I think makes fluther truly worth coming back to day after day!

Congratulations! Go pop a zombie zit for me!

bob_'s avatar

My warmest congratulations on this auspicious occasion.

Your comments are always funny, interesting and eloquent.

Don’t change! :)

Buttonstc's avatar

Congrats to Fluther’s own version of Shaun Of The Dead (one of my fav. movies).

That was a quick ascension to 20K. Well deserved.

Say Hi to Shaun for us :)

LuckyGuy's avatar

@Symbeline Congrats on the 20k! Hey, since you’re the expert, maybe you can answer a question that has been bothering me . Must male zombies only eat females? If they eat males are they considered gay by the other zombies? (Not that there’s anything wrong with that.)
Great to have you here. :-)

erichw1504's avatar

Congratumaction @Symbeline !!

8Convulsions's avatar

Congratulations! :D

Berserker's avatar

@wundayatta Thanks mate. :) Haha, warped mind. I’m totally taking that as the compliment it is. If you were me, maybe you wouldn’t have to drink beer, if you were me some years ago. But you can’t escape the zombie movies. XD
And I’m glad I’m one reason you like this place. :D

@bob_ I won’t, don’t worry. And eloquent, really? Thanks man. :) I was gonna say something about sandwiches, but…you’ve heard it all. :D

@Buttonstc Yeah, that movie rocks. :) And Shaun totally says hi. :D Thank you. :)

@worriedguy Zombies, despite their gender, do not discriminate. While it’s true that both genders are eaten by any gender of zombie, it does seem that a female eating scene often consists of male zombies. I’m not sure why that is, aside from the fact that there are always more male zombies than female zombies in a lot of movies, and it’s probably a dramatic movie thing, that and a casting thing…but nah, other zombies won’t think a male zombie is gay for eating another male. Even if that zombie was gay in his human life.
Zombies can’t think anyways, so they don’t register between male or female. Hell, they no longer know what that even is. And also, thank you. :)

@erichw1504 Lol that sounded funny. Thanks. :)

@8Convulsions Thank you. :)

Dog's avatar

Oh fuck! I cannot believe I missed the 20k for my favorite fellow goth- brilliant zombie killing jelly.

You are the spice of this place, brutal honest and awesome!

HAPPY 20k!

MissAnthrope's avatar

Holy crap! Congratulations on a well-deserved 20k to a scary-hot, brainy jelly and one of my faves. ;)

Dog's avatar

Seriously- she is like scary-hot-awesome!

Sunny2's avatar

Congratulations! I hear rumors that a specially chilled room in the basement has been saved for you. It’s decorated in black, dark blue and grey velvet and should suit you perfectly!

erichw1504's avatar

Nice! Now here’s your cake!

Hibernate's avatar

That is nice.

I’d want to see a cake made by that one from tv [makes cakes for different events with specific themes]. A coffin which can open or something. I know .. :)

HungryGuy's avatar

Congrats to you Symbeline! Now go celebrate by killing some zombies…

Berserker's avatar

@jonsblond Holy crap I totally want that pillow! Omg lol. :D

@Dog Brutal…I love that haha. Thank you. :)

@MissAnthrope Dude, I never see you round here much anymore. Am I gonna have to chain you up in here? And thanks. :)

@Sunny2 Sweet. No windows at all, right? :D ’‘goes and nesstles’’ Thanks. :)

@erichw1504 Dude. that is obne seriously grand cake. That looks too wicked lol, I wouldn’t even be able to eat it. I’d just stare at it all day. :D

@Hibernate A coffin cake, that would rock.

@HungryGuy Thanks mate. :) And don’t worry, I’m always killing something. :D

Hibernate's avatar

@Symbeline you can try ^^ Buddy Valastro is the best at this.






There are other even better but it takes to long to search them. ^^

MissAnthrope's avatar

@Symbeline – Yes, please. Although, I do prefer rope.. or cuffs. :]

lillycoyote's avatar

Sorry! It’s about time I showed up! Congratulations! I’ve come very late but not empty handed. I brought you your own zombie. I have paid for his services for a year for you. After that it’s up to you. :-)

Berserker's avatar

@lillycoyote Ooooh, a nice one too. Just lookit him, classic zombie. :) Thanks much. :)

@MissAnthrope I’ll chain you close to my bed. :D

MissAnthrope's avatar

Hokay! Where do I sign up?

Berserker's avatar

@MissAnthrope Follow me to my bedchambers…:D

lillycoyote's avatar

@Symbeline Yeah, it was kind of hard to choose, but I finally thought “you can’t go wrong with “classic zombie”” I don’t think.

Berserker's avatar

The classic, slow shuffling zombie is my favourite, so you chose well. :)

lillycoyote's avatar

@Symbeline :-) Glad you liked it.

blueiiznh's avatar

This has been a week long hell of a party!!

Berserker's avatar

Like a zombie, it shall never stop…:D

MissAnthrope's avatar

At least until you decapitate it with a machete!

Prosb's avatar

@MissAnthrope I think the Regenerators and Iron Maidens would have something to say about that. =D

wundayatta's avatar

It just occurred to me that the title of this question might be a bit leading. Are there any other zombie lovers here?

Prosb's avatar

@wundayatta I’m a fan of zombies, but I’m not anywhere even close to 20k obviously. . .

Berserker's avatar

@wundayatta There’s a few of us zombie fans, yes. :)

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