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Do you feel old sometimes?

Asked by 2late2be (2286points) May 8th, 2008 from iPhone

and how old you are?

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Of course! There are days where I feel like a walking retirement home…......thankfully most of the time I feel I’m 21 for the 12th time ;)

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all the time, I’m 20

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Depends on what I am doing, and who I am with.

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You know what makes me feel old? When I have the thought, “I can’t believe that person is wearing that!” which happens daily. The “that” is usually some very 80’s retro hipster punk in skinny jeans and colored plastic framed sunglasses, and always makes me feel like an old person who doesn’t understand “kids these days.”

I’m 27. :D

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“Youth Is wasted on the young”

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I did recently. I had called to make a physical and the nurse said, and I quote, “a man of your age should…”. What the hell was that?!?!?!? Hehehehe. I didn’t tell here I was actually dressed as superman and doing battle with my 5 year old when I stopped to make the appointment. I am 39.

Also when I am freelancing and have to report to a bunch of people younger than me who have me doing their job because they don’t understand it. School vs. Experience.

Oh oh. And when doctors and dentists and eye doctors are younger than you.

And when drivers look like they are 12. that makes me feel old to.

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Hitting a major decade doesn’t bug me.

But when I realized that I had lived longer with a drivers license than without, well, that shook me to the core.

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im 26. when i go to the skatepark a lot of the time i am the oldest skater there. frequently kids ask me how old i am then they gasp when i tell them. i still me like im 15 in a lot of ways though.

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I’m 44. My internal perception is that I’m in my early thirties. But I’m having some physical problems now that are having a detrimental effect on my percieved age. My hope is that I will never feel as old as my chronological age.

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I’m 32 but there are days when I feel 102!

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I think I’ll keep feeling 7 going on 70 my whole life.

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every day and I’m only 22!

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@syz~~I agree, internal perception is different than reality. We had a double header in my kickball league last night and I’m sore today. I will be 40 in a few months.

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@richmarshall – I have found that level of activity will do that to me as well. I am 39 and a few. Happy B-Day to be by the way.

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I am old. It’s not as bad as you might think.

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I never said that is bad… I was just wondering.

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old people are lucky, especially the ones who have canes, If I was old I would probably beat people with my cane. : )

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True, no one said it was bad. Except people seem to worry about losing their
youthful loveliness and athleticism. I lost mine awhile ago but people still think I’m
beautiful – it’s very nice.
I get tired faster so I take breaks sooner. But I wake up on summer mornings and see the sunlight and think, Oh nice, what
am I doing today? and I think, and where am I? (but I’m in the house I’ve lived in since I was 31), and then I think, Oh I’m at home of course, and then I think Wow I only feel like I’m about 26 but I know I’m 38, and then I think, Wait a minute…. my kids are 45 now so how can I be 38, and I slowly start piling up proof that I’m actually just turning 65, and it’s true, and I can’t believe it because the sunlight is pouring into
our window and the world is young, and me with it.

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