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How long to wait after a second round/final interview to ask if you made it where you were only one of three people ?

Asked by suzanna28 (684points) September 29th, 2011

It has been 1 week now since i had my second round/final interview.

I wrote an email to ask basically what the status of things were.

What else should I do.. just wait.. It is driving me crazy.

As it was just 1 in 3 people .. i just think it shouldn’t take long you know.

But then again I was the first person to go into the second round and I have no idea when the other 2 people went in after me.

What would you do ?

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Try to contain yourself in patience. You don’t know what’s happening at the office. Perhaps a key decision maker is out of town. Perhaps something came up at the office and they have had to put the hire on hold.

If you sent an email asking about the status, just wait until it has been two weeks before contacting them again.

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Really the only thing you can do is wait for that “Congratulations!” or “Sorry, but…” reply. But in most cases by the end of 2 weeks you can be fairly sure you didn’t get it.

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Apply elsewhere.

I should think that if you were the leading candidate after the “final interview”, they’d have contacted you and made an offer in good time. The fact that you haven’t heard after a week is telling. They may not be able to make an offer to attract the top candidate, or even the second choice, so there’s no sense in burning any bridges. You might still hear from them, but I wouldn’t be waiting by the phone to hear from them, and I wouldn’t follow up with any emails other than those called for by standard good manners: “Thank you for your time in the interview… blah blah.”

Keep looking for a job. Good luck.

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I’d say a week or two. And I agree with @CWOTUS, to a degree. It’s not necessarily that they won’t let you know or you didn’t get the job. You should keep allying to expand your options.

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I wouldn’t contact them until 2 weeks, but honestly by then I would assume the answer is no and they’re just being unproffessional about telling you. If you are jobsearching via an employent agency, it’s aceptable to ask your agent about it though.

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