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What food do you make when you want to clean out the fridge?

Asked by keobooks (14322points) October 3rd, 2011

We had a huge party last weekend but got way too much food. I’ve been making stuff to get rid of it, and discovered that there are a few things that really make good use of leftovers. I hate vegetable soup for some reason, so I can’t rely on that.

So far—
Spaghetti Sauce. I’ve put in not just all the leftover tomatoes, but lots of celery, carrots, green onion. I see that if you have a good food processor or blender, you can pretty much toss in anything to make spaghetti sauce. I’ve even put in old jars of baby food.

After I make a ton of spaghetti sauce, then I have make lots of other things with it.

Stuffing—This gets rid of LOTS of bread in a pinch. It also gets rid of lots of celery and any random meat if you have it (we almost never have leftover meat.)

Tuna Salad: With mayo, tuna and dill weed, I can get rid of just about anything in the fridge by mixing it into a tuna salad.

pesto: When it’s time to harvest the garden, anything green and leafy left over gets mixed with the leftover basil and turned into pesto. Then I freeze huge batches of it and use it in just about everything I make for the rest of the year.

Smoothies. with ice cream, yogurt or even just ice in a pinch, I can get rid of almost all fruit this way. This is another place baby food jars go to their final resting place.

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Mold stew!

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Stir fry! Just about anything veggie and most meat can be used in a stir fry.

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Yes soup, casserole, stir fry or a big ole pie if the ingredients won’t fry.

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We just had a clam bake for 14 people. I figured 3 boxes of 250 little neck clams with corn, salt potatoes and chicken . Who knew every doesn’t like clams? I was left with 30 dozen. I invited my neighbors over for a second clam bake. That knocked off 20 dozen. My son came and finished 4 dozen. I made clam chowder with the remaining 6 dozen and froze half of it.

Generally, if I have many leftovers I save enough for one or two days and freeze the rest in packages portioned to cover 2 days. I absolutely hate wasting food.

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I read your question in a different way: When I clean out the refrigerator I make… compost.

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Soup! You can put darned near anything in a good soup.

Also. left over cheese and a dash of wine can make a great Formaggio Forte (aka. cheese spread). Just put any bits of cheese of whatever type is lying around in a blender along with a dash of wine and blend until smooth.

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Gumbo! yum!

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Salads… I make some really creative salads and I am almost always buying produce that because of its natural tendency to decompose faster than most other food stuffs… I make a mean garbage salad with just about anything in it I can find!

My favorite being a cold beet, sliced sweet potato and feta salad, with other various things from the freezer even, like roasted chicken pieces and twice baked buiscuts hard as rocks as crutons with some oregano verious spices, and rice vinegar and olive oil.

My “Spaghetti” isn’t all that simple, I was born with my recipe and I do not alter it. That to me would be a sin.

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frittatas, fried rice, ramen and soup are my ‘c.o.r.n’ go-to meals

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@GabrielsLamb Why did you just use the term “Food stuffs.” *Smacks herself in the head. That has to be the stupidest thing I have heard in like a decade and I just said it.


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We make a kind of stir fry that goes on the bbq, a special grill plate with small holes and raised edges. This has come in handy to render orphan baby carrots, chunks of onion, cabbage, peppers and potatoes into a yummy side dish for odds N ends meats such the teensy cuts of chicken at the bottom of the frozen pieces bag, a leftover chunk of beef.

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