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Ear congestion and vertigo...ear infection?

Asked by jess22402 (17points) October 6th, 2011

For the past few days I have had episodes of vertigo (at least once a day) and pretty bad ear congestion on and off (to the piont of barely hearing). I have had ear infections in the past but usually accompanied by a dull ache in the ear which I do not have now. Today I tried putting several drops of peroxide in my ear but now my ear is more congested! I had read that’s a home remedy for infections. Not sure what to do and I really don’t have the cash for a presciption. Any advice??

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If it is an ear infection and it is left untreated, it could go into the mastoid bone requiring surgery. Go to a doctor.

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Borrow some money and get a prescription. Tell the doctor money matters, and you need an antibiotic that isn’t a fortune.

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Not all ear infections are accompanied by pain. Also, not all ear issues are infection related. I would see a doctor ASAP to find out what the deal is… as has been mentioned, letting it linger could cause much bigger complications.

If you have a Wal-Mart or Target near you, they have a lot of generic prescriptions for $4, including common antibiotics.

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You don’t have to go to a doctor for this. There are nurse clinics in many drug stores and malls. Most clinics have zero wait time.

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Ear Congestion and vertigo sounds like water behind the eardrum. Do you have a cold?

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I had an ear infection like that a few years ago, it didnt hurt or anything, but it made me very lethargic and it felt like I was walking around with a strobe light inside my head…my vision was very choppy…...if that makes sense?.

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