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Have you ever done a Breast Cancer Walk or other walk for charity, and if so, how was it?

Asked by jca (35976points) October 11th, 2011

I am doing the Breast Cancer Walk with some friends, and am curious what to expect. I know we can donate money that friends have pledged.

Do many thousands of people participate? Do they care how much you actually walk, or not, as long as you donate the money?

I am just curious what to expect.

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I did one of the three-day walks a few years ago (approx. 60 miles in three days).

Yes, there were hundreds of people, maybe thousands, who participated, and it was very exhilirating. It was really nice to have the crowds cheer you on along the streets, too.

I was on a team, and we were tasked with raising money. I was fortunate that my company matched the funds that we were able to raise independently, so that helped greatly.

I didn’t have enough time to train (I wasn’t a regular walker at the time), but I put a lot of effort into getting in shape for the walk starting a couple months out.

Do they care how much you walk—well, “they” don’t; but your own sense of accomplishment should drive that aspect of it.

If you’re doing a three-day, one of the hardest parts for me was camping for the two evenings. To complete such a task was very rewarding, and I felt a real connection to it.

Good luck!

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I have done walks and bikeathons for years. Cancer, Diabetes, MS, various Hospitals

Many of them asking to commit to a minimum pledge.
Check out the specifics of your fundraiser to ensure you can meet the commitments.

I ride as a single, but join a team just for the additional bond. My most recent ride was 190 miles for the PanMass challenge. It had 5300 riders that had minimum pledges between $500 and $4200 depending on distance.
It is a very rewarding thing to do. Many people are doing it for various reason from personal to simply being a caring human.

Eitherway, enjoy it and know that you are doing it for a good cause!

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When I was 13 I did a 20 mile walk for mental retardation. “I did it for Marty”.
I had no idea how the whole thing worked. I didn’t have any sponsers or anything. I thought they had some corporation paying a charity so much for every walker.
So, my sister and I walked 20 miles, and didn’t get a dime for the cause.

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I did a walk for cancer with my dog Zara. It was along a beach and there were thousands of people there. It was a woman’s only event.

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