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What are good Christmas gift ideas for my father?

Asked by Scarikah (427points) October 11th, 2011

I can never think of anything to get my Dad for Christmas. When I was little it was always tools, watches, ties (that he didn’t wear), and anything with an Eagle on it. I want to change it up this year and get something really great.

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I have no point of reference… Mine wants nothing, likes nothing, and enjoys nothing. So… He wouldn’t enjoy oxygen if he couldn’t breathe.

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Gah, why do Dad’s have to be difficult? I tried asking my Dad what he would like for Christmas. He said ”...Nothing.” And I said “LIAR!” But that got me nowhere..

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Pay attention to him and things he likes and wears. My stepfather has everything and can afford to buy anything he wants so buying him something for a gift can be difficult. Last year I asked my then 2 yr old and she wanted to get him a new hat (which is a sun visor he wears daily) So I called my mom for the size and a couple weeks before christmas my mother asked him what he needed and he said all I need is a new hat and I got him a matching swimsuit and 2 hats and he was so happy and when he found out who said he needed the hat it made him even more excited about the gift.

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But I don’t see my Dad all the time..
OH! But he did say, last time we were at a store together, that he needed a new pair of boots. And he didn’t find any he liked that day, so..maybe.

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@Scarikah That is the idea. You could get him a pair of boots or a gift certificate to a boot store.

Does he listen to music? Read books? Like a certain TV series? Need a new wallet or watch or cell phone?

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Nook/Kindle/reader thing

Magazine subscription

Spa quality terry robe

Tickets to a sports game, concert, opera or play

Gift card to an awesome restaurant

Prepaid motorcycle riding lessons

Disneyland tickets

Local car show or car races tickets

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I’m a dad, and I’m probably hard to shop for. At least, I think I must be, since I have a hard time even shopping for myself pretty often, never ask for gifts, and can’t imagine what anyone else would get for me if required to. I can afford everything I need and most of what I want; the material things that I want and can’t afford won’t be provided by my kids in my lifetime. (It would distress me beyond imagining if I thought they were trying to provide those things for me, since they would be going without things they need in order to make the attempt.)

But my daughter lets me know how well she’s doing, which is wonderful to hear, because it wasn’t always so. It’s not boasting, it’s just “acknowledgement” that she’s in a good place, and thanks for helping her get to that point. Nothing makes me prouder about my own contribution to society, or happier to hear.

My son is a bit tougher, because he’s not so convinced that he’s doing so well – though I can see objectively that he is: he’s married to a wonderful woman and has a great family – but when he lets slip sometimes that he’s “not unhappy”, then that’s enough.

My daughter also understands my tastes in modern music enough to occasionally surprise me with a CD from a group that I had never even heard of before, and expand my horizons in that way.

Maybe you could surprise your dad with a really ugly tie with pictures of tools and eagles on it, including eagles wearing hats, or an eagle wearing a tie and a tool belt or something. He’d never wear it, of course, but that’s not the point. He’d be reminded of past Christmases and time spent with you and know that you were thinking of him – and only of him – when you made that tie. (Because where in hell could you buy such an ugly thing?) Try it; he might surprise you.

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A beautiful bonsai tree.

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An article of clothing. I love to avoid clothes shopping.

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Here’s one I forgot:

Gift certificate to a full service car place to cover a wash/vaccum/hand dry every few weeks.

You could also make an appt. with a dealership or private shop to have his car detailed.

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Oh yeah guys.. Did I forget to mention that I only make $9 an hour? And I have a lot of people to buy presents for?

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@Scarikah: Would your dad appreciate a dartboard, maybe his own french coffee press and mini grinder with some small sample bags of different beans from Trader Joes or Starbucks? I haven’t met a dad yet who doesn’t like the Blue Diamond roasted almond sampler package.

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How much do you want to spend?

My favorite gift from my kids is time together. I always tell them to just go to the movies with me, and we’ll eat after, all my treat. I just love being with them.

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Do like this…
My dad wouldn’t give me any hints last Xmas. I told him to email me a list within the day or a donation would be made in his name to the Democratic National Party (he’s a card carrying Republican). Needless to say, his list was in my inbox within the hour.

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How about a gift of labor, like washing his car?

One time when I had my own house, I did a day’s worth of yard work with my father at his house.

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@Scarikah OOoOoH… I got an idea!

How about something like this?

I don’t know your budget but these are vintage as well as antique which are always special because they generally weren’t mass produced or cookie cutter.

They are inexpensive, something he likes on it and he can actually USE it!

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A leather gimp suit & a whip?

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Do you have a picture of the two of you together (or access to one that someone else shot) at a fun event or holiday.

Why not have it enlarged to 5×7 (or if good quality even larger) and put it in a nice frame for him?

Fond memories are priceless and I’m sure he would treasure it.

And you still have time to get one taken if you can’t find a previous one.

Wouldn’t cost a lot but looks nice on hid desk or a wall.

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That is priceless. Gave me my chuckle for the day.

Talk about lighting a fire under someone’s ass !

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I liked the belt buckles, but I showed them to my brother and he says they’re ugly. To which I said “Not all of them..” And he said “Yes, all of them.”

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All my dad every wants is beer. . . . and snuff.

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