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What to get my sons for Christmas?

Asked by Skaggfacemutt (9815points) November 28th, 2011

Okay, you 30-something guys, please give me some ideas of what to get my sons for Christmas. They already have all the electronic junk and hobby stuff they could ever want. They work, so they buy things as they have a desire for them. I am just stumped. At their age, I try to keep the cost at about $50 per son. Any unique ideas?

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Modern Warfare 3.

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Tickets to a concert or sporting event?

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Great looking brand new leather wallets?

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storage bins for their collection.

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I always get my sister a sampler from one of the gourmet food places.
She likes the coffee or tea samplers best so far.

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Tell us more about their interests…food, clothing, household items. vehicles, etc.? Do they have any hobbies?

@WestRiverrat Great suggestion. Our brother buys us a bag full of tid-bits from Trader Joe’s each year. We salivate by just seeing the tag with his name on it in our pile of presents.

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Gift certificate to a favorite restaurant.

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Buy each of them a slave girl.

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Why not ask them?

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If the lads are in the least bit geeky, you could do worse than shopping here
Bacon lollipops, 8-bit ties, Medieval weapons push pins, remote control zombies… it’s paradise.

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If they like to grill
Here is a very nice for the price, pocket knife
Bring out their inner child

What are they into? Do they enjoy drinking at all? If so, I’d spring for a nice bottle of wine, bourbon or batch beers. All from a small craft distillery.

With a little insight, we’d be able to help with more ideas.

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These are some great ideas. @XOIIO I have asked them. They say “nothing!” Gift certs to a restaurant would be a good one. They would LOVE getting a slave girl – ha-ha! Leather wallets would be a good one, too. @GladysMensch Bacon lollipops? I am really going to have to check out this site.

More about them – they aren’t into sports. One does geocaching, but I got him geocach stuff last year. The other is into video games, but he has enough already. They do like to grill, so that’s another one I will check into. One is an auto mechanic so has every tool ever invented, I think. The other is a die cutter and likes guns and shooting.

Thanks so much, everyone. Keep the ideas coming. :)

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for fun, you could also check out That’s where I get my adult kids stocking stuffers. Sort of like for us common folk.

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Wow, my guys must be geeks, because has a lot of good stocking stuffers that they would like. Now to find something for my ex-military bomb squad son-in-law.

judochop's avatar rules for all gifts. From the stupidly rich to the on a budget shopper.

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I have an announcement – I have my Christmas list done, thanks to you guys. I really could never have done it without you. These were great suggestions.

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