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Who is ready for the Mother's Day update?

Asked by mzgator (4158points) May 11th, 2008

I posted the question last week about should you buy your wife a mother’s day present. I just wanted to say that Gooch really came through BIG TIME! I received a sweet card, a nice lunch and a new Apple laptop. Wow! You fluther guys rock! Just knowing that he remembered is great.

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Yaay for you mzgator…...and hats off to gooch. Nicely done :)

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Wow.. Awesome.

Note to self. Distract mzgator and steal Gooch away while she isn’t looking.

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i got my mom’s nothing, and it’s not because im a marxist, but because i refuse buying bullshit…

but, nice going by gooch i must say

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I got my Mom a lavender 2GB iPod shuffle, engraved en espanol.

* sorry, don’t have hot key for the spanish n

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this one ? ñ

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@ iwamoto ~ si! But how on fluther?

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well, you can copy paste it if you want, this was just one of my mac hotkeys

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