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If someone received a bad education… would it be cool (or possible) if you could just ask for your money back?

Asked by talljasperman (21739points) October 18th, 2011

A total refund… on tuition from Kindergarten to grade 12 from trade school to Ph.D. ... or better yet to sue for damages?

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Do you mean received* a bad education?

I think it would be uncool and legally your action may be time barred. Your admission to a school is voluntary (don’t know about law in US about education like in the UK) and if you haven’t received any decent education in 16 years or so there may be something else wrong. The only way is to attempt to reform the educational system.

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@Jellie oops… received…thanks for the answer. I have flagged my question and hope to correct it soon.

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Yeah but then they’d probably be ripped off, coz they wouldn’t be able to count it.

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How can you prove that its the education, and not just a lazy student?


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I’m much more concerned about all the psychological trauma I received at school than the poor education… Can I have my childhood back instead?

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This cannot be proven [like the others said]. Not to mention if you did school, let’s say for the sake of argument, 20 years ago .. do you want refunds at todays’ expenses or same as those you payed 20— years ago?

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It’s not a question of “coolness” or not.

It’s the fact that it would be next to impossible to PROVE that it was the fault of the school. Your opinion may be that the school/teachers did a crappy job. But all it would take to counter that would be to present all the track records of the students whose education provided them with the skills for college and a rewarding career afterward.

If the OVERWHELMING majority of students were in your shoes, that might be something to be looked into but I seriously doubt that’s the case.

So unless one has the bucks to hire a lawyer (and who does) I can’t imagine any competent lawyer wasting his time taking it on contingency.

And you’re not going to get far with an incompetent one. The type who would go tilting at windmills like this isn’t going to cut it.

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What happened to personal responsibility?

Every school I ever attended had excellent students that applied themselves and sought out opportunities to learn, and had bad students who no doubt now complain that they had a bad education.

As in everything in life, you get out of it what you put in to it.

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Only if you gave back all your knowledge…

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This young lady attempted to do just that, but I believe she lost her case.

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It is up to you as a student (while paying for school) to challenge the abilities of your professors. If you feel you are not getting your monies worth then you should address it to the dean or head of the department you are studying.
You can’t eat all the food on your plate, wait for it to digest, burp and then complain that you feel empty once you use the bathroom.

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Unfortunately, teachers and schools play a relatively small role in the educational success of any given individual. If you really want your money back, go after your parents.

Even if you want to go after public schools—what did you pay? Oh yeah. Nothing. Sure, you can have a 100% refund.

If you want to go after private schools, then make sure you sign a contract that guarantees the product or your money back.

But I see this is a ludicrous question, so I must try to respond to this humorously. Hmm. Is there anything funny about a bad education or an uneducated person? Is there? I’m waiting….

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Libraries are free. You can check out new books each week. Everyone can teach themselves.

100% responsibility lies within each individual.

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@wundayatta Its the concept of someone trying to get a refund that is funny… not having a bad education… But on a lighter note, from watching Jay Leno’s Jaywalking I was wondering if some of these people can get refunds. Also I’ve served the public and I survived by thinking that some people should get refunds.

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No one is guaranteed a good education in the U. S.

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Possibly if it was a situation where a skill set was learned and payed for, and because of economics or trade situations/ barriers, that made all that knowledge impractical and a waste of time. Off the top of my head right now I can’t think of a situation where this would happen but there you go. Art studies don’t count.

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If I hadn’t attended a free public school, then sure. But since I didn’t pay anyone for my education, I don’t know what money they would owe me. I also don’t believe in suing people for every possible thing, so a definite no to that, especially since you have the option to switch schools (in most cases.)

There is the complication of determining what a bad education actually means, but if these refunds were a real thing, I’m sure there would be specific criteria.

In college though, you can – in my experience – withdraw from a class and get your money back if you’re not happy with something. So I do think that if you’re paying for school you should be able to take your money back if provided with a crappy education. It’s a business transaction. If I bought something and found that it was broken, I would surely not be expected to just shrug it off and let that money go to waste. That being said, there’s a difference between getting a refund for something that doesn’t work right after you realize it does not work, and waiting until you’ve gotten as much use as possible out of it before asking for your money back.

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