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Is using Cornflour to spruce up my oily hair bad for my hair?

Asked by julia999 (343points) October 18th, 2011

After as little as a day or two, my hair becomes so oily that I need to wash it. This regular hair-washing is neither good for the natural oils on my skin, nor for a busy schedule.

I recently discovered “Dry Shampoo”, a can of spray that I used whenever my hair was oily… until I realised it contained Butane (meaning it kills the normal microbiota on my head as well – i.e. the “good” bacteria). No wonder my scalp was so itchy all the time!

I heard from people that plain regular “cornflour” does just as good a job of soaking up the excess oiliness of my hair, which makes sense since I use it to thicken broths when I’m cooking.

Besides sprinkling too much in my hair and looking like I have dandruff, are there any possible side effects to using a bit of cornflour each morning in my hair?

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I have the same problem, what I do is a couple times a week a shower actually using soap, and thouroughly cleaning the grease/oils out, and the other days just rinse. It keeps your hair clean, but the natural oils are still there and your hair looks good.

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I always thought using Soap was a big no-no. I disagree that it keeps the natural oils in the hair (especia
lly if you’re talking about every-day soap bought at the supermarket). I imagine it really dries out the hair.

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Yeah, for soem reason now that I do this isntead of soap all the time my dandruff has actually gone down, so it must do something bad. even though it’s anti-dandruff, go figure.

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Check this link out, it may give you a little direction on what to do next :-/

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There shouldn’t be any problem with it. I personally use talcum powder when my hair is looking greasy, but if cornflour works for you, it’s not going to cause you any harm.

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What kind of shampoo do you use. So many of them will only make your oily hair worse. I have oily hair and I find if I shampoo with VO5 it helps to keep my hair cleaner longer. Its great for stripping away all the build up of other shampoos and you will notice your hair is lighter and shinier.. I don’t use it often and have to switch between shampoos because it also strips some of your hair dye away if you dye your hair.
But usually the oily hair is made worse by the shampoo that builds up on your hair and it easily traps the oils giving you a greasy look in a day or two.
Also avoid conditioners. You don’t need it if your hair is oily.
I never tried cornstarch but that just sounds messy and more time consuming. I don’t think it will hurt your hair but I doubt it will look better.

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Well, I guess if you used enough cornflour in your oily hair, sooner or later you would have the right ingredients to make cornbread.

I know, that was a stupid joke, so here is the real truth. How does the cornflour not become a sticky mess, when it mixes with the oil in your hair?

I would never use this method, instead I would wash my hair once, twice or three times a day.

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