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If I have parking violations in one county and move to another county in the same state, will those parking violations still be in the new county's DMV records?

Asked by shammie (64points) October 21st, 2011

I am moving North. I tried to renew my car’s registration, but I owe a bunch in parking violations. The DMV said I cannot renew my registration until I pay the violations off. I do not have the money now, especially since I am moving. I know it sounds shady, but I would like to just renew the plates where I am moving and pay the tickets when I am settled and have a bit more money. Does anyone know if these parking violations will show up in the county(of the same state) DMV records? I am moving in two days…

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It’s hard to say for sure because these things, the statutes, what the state DMV does and what is left to local authorities, vary from state to state, and you don’t mention what state you’re in but I would think the answer would be yes, the DMV in the other county would have your parking ticket records, in most if not all states they would be, I think, but like I said, there’s no way to know for sure. There might be information on your state DMV’s website about whether or not parking tickets are reported to the DMV or not. Anyway, your tags are expired already? I guess you could give trying to register your car in the other county and you either will be able to or you won’t.

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My tags expire this month. I spoke to the woman at the local(San Diego) DMV and she said that the ticketers reported the violations to them. She almost seemed to make it sounded like they normally do not do this. I am moving to north California. I am just worried what will happen if I get pulled over with parking tickets, I mean my plates are not expired yet, but what happens if you get pulled over and they find your unpaid parking tickets? Hmmmm… Anyone out there work in the CA DMV office? I suppose if you did, you would be at work right now.

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Has anyone not heard of computers? They stretch from border to border and in all the foreign countries.

Your name, state and drivers license number follow you wherever you go and yes, even your outstanding parking tickets.

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I’ve heard that Calif. is one of the worst states for that kind of stuff regarding parking.

Why not just take the drive up North ASAP to where you’ll be moving and try to register the vehicle as well as put in the address change ? It may well be worth it.

At least that way you’ll know sooner than later where you stand and can deal with it somehow.

If worse comes to worse and you can’t register it there either, perhaps you can make an arrangement with them for some type of installment plan.

Most places would prefer even a small amount of money rather than none at all and at least you can get the car registered.

All these Draconian parking ordinances are money making, pure and simple. And most realize that you can’t get blood out of a turnip or water out of a stone. An installment plan is normally a compromise they can live with. But, you might have to be the one to specifically request it. Just remember, they want to squeeze everybody for the maximum amount of money they can. That’s the name of the game. MONEY.

Let’s face it, parking violators are not the biggest danger to other drivers out there. Compared to speeders and drunk drivers, you’re pretty small potatoes indeed.

But they can make your life miserable if they have a mind to. No matter that they should be focusing their efforts on making life miserable for drunk drivers and keeping them off the road.

Their priority is the green stuff. Show me the money, baby, show me the money ! Jerry Maguire certainly understood that.

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In California you can renew your car registration in any DMV office in the state. Thus, every DMV office in the state has a record of your outstanding parking violations which need to e cleared.

I suggest if you don’t have the money to pay the parking tickets that you at least pay the registration fees on time so that you don’t pay a penalty on that. You won;t get your stickers until you pay the whole amount owed.

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Do you have any friends just across the state line in Nevada willing to allow you to pick up mail at their address ?

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