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How could the camera on an iPhone be represented as a large vacuole in a plant cell?

Asked by pcmonkey (427points) October 26th, 2011

Im doing a cell representation project in school and so I decided to do my iphone as my project. If you don’t get it, the cell wall is the phone case (that usually gets people to understand what i’m talking about) and the mitochondria is the charger… Anyways, I’m doing a plant cell and for the large vacuole(s), the representation is the camera.. I don’t really know why I did that but its a phone so it obviously doesn’t hold water/food/etc. So how could I relate a camera to a large vacuole in the plant cell! And before you ask, its too late to change it. Please help me!

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Is a vacuole round? Then the camera lense is round. Pretty straight forward.

Aside from that, your screwed. You should have made a jello cell or something.

If you are really desperate, and I would never do this because its just stretching it too far and is obviously desperate, the vacuole holds small molecules, represent those by pixels or something. We can’t do any more for you, its up to you to figure out.

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The different types of chlorophyll in the plant cell might be analogous to electricity generating photo cells, resistors and micro chip transistors as well as light emitting diodes in an iphone. The enzymes and nuclear material could relate to the complex circuitry of the iphone. The different applications could be all the cell organelles: ribosomes, lysosome, vacuole, golgi body, smooth and rough endoplasmic reticulum, etc.

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Light passes through the lens, where the camera converts light to images, which are stored in an area of the memory (vacuole) of the phone, where they can be retrieved and processed by rest of the phone. Would that work? There’s really, obviously, no one to one correspondence between an iPhone and a plant cell, as you know. It would be kind of a stretch.

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