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Are you new to Fluther?

Asked by smilingheart1 (6436points) October 27th, 2011

In the past couple of weeks there seems to have been a Fluther flurry! How nice! Would anyone who has joined the collective in the past month be willing to step up to the plate and take a bow? It would be great to have a show of hands. Some of you have never been properly welcomed!

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Of course I’m new! ;)

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Yes. I’ve only been here 3-and-a-half years. I hope to someday fit in and be accepted.

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Welcome, newbie! Cookie?

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Why thank you. You seem very nice Miss…Miss WillWorkForChocolate.

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You can just call me Choc. It’s much easier to say, lmfao. And thank you kindly! I’m attempting to be nice for a week without cracking, lol. :P

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Not anymore, but sometimes it feels like it. XD

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Not new, but I welcome all those who are. Enjoy!

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Excellent Choc. And yes…I will have a cookie, thank you.

And you’re doing splendidly at being nice. Pass the milk please.

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I’m new-esque.

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@cprevite Comin’ right up! I just got back from the farm, with lovely fresh milk, too!

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Fuck I’m old

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Been here for a while, now. Ain’t got the lurve to show for it, though..

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@Joker94 But you got my lurve. :)

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@Symbeline As you’ve got mine :D

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I’ve been here for a few months, though have not been active…just finding my way around… :)

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