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What day is the iPhone update?

Asked by Bigtechdude (56points) May 12th, 2008 from iPhone

June right???

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June, though it’s hard to believe, has yet to be classified as a day.
As usual, Apple is keeping this information, along with what exactly will be included in the update and when Steve Jobs’s hair will finish falling out, a big fat secret. Us consumers can only ponder life’s mysteries.

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In the meantime, you might be interested in reading the question before this one for some er… entertainment.

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WWDC keynote is most likely. June 9.

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Any day now…good place to check or speculate is any mac-oriented blog; I personally recommend, but there’s a plethora out there…

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a new version of itunes was just released..which is normally a good indication that a software update for the iphone will be only a few days behind.

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Today! 9/12/08
2.1 is here – installing now and will update you when it’s through.

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Report-all is much faster-the download and install took 24 minutes total (cable modem, iMac, iTunes 8.0); overall observations:

-iPhone “snappiness” is vastly improved-no more hiccups when using the Springboard (launching and exiting apps)

-Greatly improved reception (not to mention the icons have changed for 3G and Edge-no more rectangular box-just the letters in blue floating in the status bar), in areas where my 3G dropped off before and 1–2 bars on EDGE or GPRS, 3G is now present (stays lit most of the time) and doesn’t drop!

-3G reception seems to have improved-no more lag, quicker download of web pages in Safari

-Maps works now! Traffic updated in less than a second! That program used to have real hangups when updating traffic and graphics in general…now works like a dream!

-Battery life-will see today-so far 2 hours later, and full batter status with 3G radio and BT on…used to be at 75% by now, and if I left 3G on the batt lasted no longer than 3–4 hours…I’ll go through the rest of today with 3G on and let you know how it turns out…

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Yay! installing now!

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