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So what kinds of Halloween candy are you giving out this year?

Asked by MRSHINYSHOES (13971points) October 30th, 2011

This year we’re going to give out candied popcorn balls, saltwater taffy, and fortune cookies. How about you? What kinds of yummy treats are you giving to the children in the neighbourhood?

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Nobody’s gonna come trick’or’treating here. But we have fondant sweets just in case someone will come.

YARNLADY's avatar

No candy, just envelopes of Hot Cider mix and perhaps envelopes of microwave popcorn.

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Mr. Goodbars, no wait, I ate those Snickers with peanut butter, ate those too um, I think I have some Kit Kat’s left to give out.

Jude's avatar

No candy this year.

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We don’t give out candy, my sisters and I go off trick or treating with our friends and my dad usually goes to the Halloween party thrown by our neighbors.

abysmalbeauty's avatar

nerds, twizzlers, jolly ranchers, air heads, tootsie pops, snickers, twix, m&ms

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10 years ago, we forgot all about Halloween and candy. I left and my grandaughter met the spooks. She said the only candy she could find to give were Atomic Fireballs.

And, this she did.

Did she not realize that small children should not be given Atomic Fireballs?

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Dark chocolate peanut butter cups—if anyone shows up, that is.

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I have a big bowl of Milk Duds, Almond Joys, Whoppers, Hersheys and gummy eyeballs ready to go but I had forgotten I’ll be 70 miles away attending my Monday classes. UGH.

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Milk Duds, Almond Joys, Whoppers, Hershey’s cookies & cream, Peanut butter cups, and 3 Musketeers. Not fun size, but the full size stuff. (I don’t get many cause all the kids think my house is haunted)

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We have Kit Kats and Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups this year (if they survive another day). We had to go buy more because we ate half of what we had already.

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No trick-or-treaters tonight. We are in a retirement community and door-to-door solicitation is prohibited. We had a fantastic Halloween/birthday/potluck party tonight though. We had a DJ/karaoke guy who played the tunes. We had a full bar and so much homemade food I can’t even name it all. I have the muncies so bad. I wish ya’ll would stop talking about candy.

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Reeses Peanut Butter cups, Snickers, Hersheys, and M&Ms.
I am hoping we don’t have any trick or treaters.

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Are the M&Ms plain or peanut, @filmfann?

filmfann's avatar

Plain, though I love the Dark Chocolates. Haven’t tried a pretzel or peanut butter yet.

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The pretzel ones are delicious!

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One year we ran out of candy and my son (who thought he was too old for Halloween) put on a mask and went around to get a bag of candy from the neighbors for us to re-distribute.

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Oh, my – it happened again. We usually only have a couple of dozen kids, but this year there were several dozen. We went through all our cider packages, then the popcorn packages, and started in on the packaged chocolate brochettes. We finally went into the kids bags from Fridays work party.

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