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What are you doing for Halloween?

Asked by Male (1353points) October 31st, 2011

Happy Halloween…so, what are you doing or what have you done today?

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Nothing. It’s really cold and raining, and I don’t have a covered porch or a doorbell, so I put a sign and a bowl of candy out.
I took my kids trick or treating this weekend in a different town, and passed out candy at my parents’ house.. so I feel like we already celebrated. I’m home alone with no plans for parties or excuses to dress up, so I’m washing curtains and eating Laffy Taffy in my pjs.

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Most friends got sick last week-end… really annoying because we wanted to celebrate it. We’ll postpone.

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Handing out candy, I’ve got four kinds. 5 if you count the “sugar-free” bag and raspberry twists.

We usually have a couple of neighbors with small hay wagon and a dozen kids and parents on each.

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I got covered in blood. Real blood. From a person who vomited up 3 litres of the stuff.

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I have been up since 4AM working. If everything goes according to plan I will be asleep in 30 minutes and will sleep through it.

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I’ve already baked and tested the pumpkin seeds, lit the candles, and did a quality control check on the candy. If nobody shows up (very likely) I’ll probably go out to my nearest neighbors, drop off some candy and have something to drink.
I also have a report due at midnight so I am waiting until the last minute.

Good night @johnpowell !

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I’m currently dressed like Colonel Theodore Roosevelt in full Rough Rider garb giving out candy to kids that are filing through my dorm. After this, I’m giving a presentation to my late class (still in costume). Then I’m getting crunk.

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I didn’t have school today and won’t have it tomorrow. I’m still in my PJs and we never get trick or treaters on my street, so I’ll probably just watch football.

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I have a test in class so we won’t be able to go trick-or-treating. Since I can’t take them out, I surprised them with a huge bowl of candy. We ordered pizza and are having soda instead of milk (It’s a treat for them lol I rarely let them have soda)
They have school tomorrow but I’m letting them go in late. They thought it sucked to have school the day after Halloween. I agree, so I surprised them with that also : )
Tomorrow night we will be going weapons shopping LOL we already have a hundred swords, axes, maces… apparently they have some really cool ones at Target ; )

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Working for 11 hrs. I actually did make some effort to put together my zombie getup, guts included.

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@ANef_is_Enuf I thought halloween was the excuse to dress up.

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My oldest is trick-or-treating with his friend. I’m home giving out candy.

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@Lightlyseared it’s less fun when you’re sitting at home by yourself.

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@ANef_is_Enuf less fun, perhaps, but still slightly fun?

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Nothing. Turned down an invite to friends because I think I have a sinus infection and am not feeling super great.
But..tomorrow I am picking up my daughter and we are going up the mountain to the local apple hill ranches for fresh apples and baked goods and lunch. :-D

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Floatin’ around.

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Homework. It’s midterm season. I wish I could go trick-or-treating with my significant other’s sister, but I have a ton of work that I need to catch up on since I was out of state for the past week.

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Jus chillin’. Watching the Alfred Hitchcock marathon on TV. I waited for trick or treaters, but none showed up, so I turned out the lights. Sigh!

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Passing out candy, talking to the older guys who come to the door (wink wink) and adore the cute little babies.

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A few of my friends had Halloween cancelled by the cities they live in. That freak snowstorm in the northeast, USA, brought down a lot of tree branches, downed powerlines, and no electricity. Some cities are going to reschedule it.

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I didn’t do anything. Halloween is my favourite holday, but I don’t have any friends left in the area to celebrate with. I played sims and studied for astronomy.

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