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How many pieces of candy do you give out on Halloween?

Asked by Seaofclouds (23082points) October 31st, 2011

The trick-or-treaters have started coming by and at first, I was just holding the bowl out and letting them grab their own candy and I noticed many of the children were only grabbing one piece. I told them to take some more and now I’ve just been putting small handfuls in their bags.

Do you only give one piece of candy out or do you give out handfuls?
Does it matter if it’s the beginning of the night or getting close to the end?
Does the age of the child relate to the amount of candy you give?

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I’m not going to be giving out any, I’m going to do everything I can to avoid the trick or tweakers this year.

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They’re getting a little can of playdoh.

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I think 2 or 3 pieces is good, as the night wears on, maybe give out more as the crowd dwindles. I love to be generous!

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Locked safely in the house with lights off.

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I’ll probably be giving 2 miniature Almond Joy bars to each ToT’er, if any come by while we’re here.

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I only get two kids a year. A friend of mine brings them over. They get handsful of candy.

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I get an assortment and let the kids pick two of their choice. But later, I let them have three, depending on how much I have left because anything I don’t give away I will eat myself.

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I usually give out little handfuls. Probably 5 pieces of small candy per child.

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They get a bottle of Shiner’s Black Lager until the case runs out, then they gotta join me at the bar.

Under 21 don’t bother knocking.

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We buy miniatures and penny candy so we can give 3–4 pieces to each kid.

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We don’t get trick or treaters. The, usually, one kid who comes gets at least 20 pieces because no one in my family really eats candy.

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Had we gotten any trick or treaters, they would have gotten 4 or 5 fun size candies. I don’t like not having any kids show up! :(

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Usually one.

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ive been giving fistfuls however much my hand holds

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Yay candy!
Last night I had a pile of wrappers the size of my head while watching a dvd OMG! Absent minded eating. 2 weeks til the dentist, I’ll ramp up my flossing. haha

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3 tops. Depending upon the cuteness of the kid.
I saw a little baby devil tonight. AH-DOR-A-BLE!!!!! gave him 6 pieces.

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@blueberry_kid My baby was a little devil, but he didn’t go out tonight. He helped give out some candy. :)

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I easily went through 300 pieces of candy.

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[mod says] This is our Question of the Day!

Augustlan says: When I had trick-or-treaters, I gave out a little handful to each. This year, I had none. :(

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I gave out small handfuls (about 5 pieces or so) for the rest of the evening and still ended up with a little left over. :)

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The house I live in is rather creepy looking if you see it in the dark so usually only about 2–3 brave souls come on Halloween. I usually just give them bags of candy for their courage.

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I think people should only give one. The kids are going to get a ton of candy. That is unless you live in a place with very few houses for the children.

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I haven’t given out candy (no trick-or-treaters around here sadly) but in my experience people usually either give me a handful or have me pick two of whatever I want. Of course, it depends on the area and the time, but that’s the average I’ve seen.

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