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If you're locked in a room with Krispy Kreme Doughnuts would you eat them?

Asked by Mantralantis (1502points) November 16th, 2011

Assume your a Biggest Loser or a “diet hippie” and have second thoughts as to want to ravish a dozen assorted of those scrumptuously delectable treats in a locked room somewhere when you personally know that you shouldn’t eat them. Would you be tempted to eat at least half of one if not the whole. . .box

I’ll be back, I’m getting hungry. . .

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Chocolate covered cream filled? Yes.

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Well, am I locked in permanently so that’s my only food? If so, yes. If not, no, especially if it was just glazed, which I don’t care for.

Vanilla cream-filled though or any cake donut, and I would have at least two.

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I would eat one or two, then figure out how to get free.

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I might eat some, if I was hungry. Who locked me in here, anyways? If they didn’t want me to eat some of their stash, then they shouldn’t have locked me in. Too fuckin bad.
Not that big a fan of sugar, so I could probably resist the urge, if I figured I could get out soon enough.

However, if it was like in that Highlander episode where an immortal had to spend like two hundred years in there, I would most certainly eat them, even if I didn’t actually need to eat since I’d be immortal. But, I might get bored.

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I would be found moments later sticky and shame filled by my carb orgy.

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If I’m hungry I’ll eat one. If I am not hungry I might still eat one.

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Depends how long I’m in there for. Depends on why I was locked in there. Depends on what kind of donuts are there. Depends on how hungry I am and how serious my dieting is. Since I’ve never been on a diet in my life, it’s likely I will eat a couple of the ones I like and leave the rest for someone else. If I’m locked in all day, I eat them all. I hope there’s coffee, too. And if so, I hope there’s a bathroom I can use. Otherwise I’m peeing on the furniture. Just on general principles.

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@wundayatta What if you end up having to take a dump? XD

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I would should through the walls “Free Donuts!” and wait for the fatties to bust in, then leave.

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This would be me

P.S. here’s a story about donuts, told in the second person. Your stomach rumbles as you approach the box of donuts. These are your dozen donuts because they belong to you and not to anybody else. You don’t care what your eleven hungry friends have to say about it. You are so hungry that you rip open the box and donuts fall all over the floor. You think about the three second rule and then remember that rules are made to be broken. You gleefully devour all the donuts in a frenzy of jam, sprinkles, and powdered sugar. You’re in donut heaven. ; )

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Hecks no. I dislike do-nots with a passion. Such a waste of calories and they don’t even taste that good. That’s just my opinion.

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It’s like when you throw wet toilet paper at the ceiling, same principle.

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@wundayatta and @XOIIO Okay now I’m confused. Another lesson learned…just don’t ask. XD

srsly tho wtf doodz

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@Symbeline And I thought your kink knew no bounds. Sigh.

Never mind. I’m just inking your shoelaces.

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@Symbeline When you throw wet tolet paper up, it sticks, and the water dries up, it’s like it joins te ceiling, and never falls down. Sure you might loose a bit of headrooma fter a while but it’s worth the floor space.

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@XOIIO It’s like when you throw wet toilet paper at the ceiling, same principle.
So you’re saying if you throw poop on the ceiling, it never comes down? Jesus, man!

@wundayatta They have bounds, but no limits! Wait, stop that, what are you doing to my shoes? XD

Sorry, just untying everyone’s shoelaces. Gotta hit the sack as of the now, nighty nights. :)

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If I ended up locked in a room with Krispy Kreme donuts, especially if they are still warm and would surely melt in my mouth like butter on a sun drenched roof, well, yes, oh yes….but wait, what is the point of this question anyway?

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I would figure a way out of the room, then eat them!

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Ideal Protein diet, weigh scales when I get out of here would be my mantra.

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No thank you. Krispy Kreme doughnuts are only the ambrosia of the gods when one of their shops turns on the neon light that says “Hot Now”.

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Life’s too short to pass up free donuts.

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Nope, I don’t care much for donughts and at this stage in my life, I’ve got to choose my snacks and treats carefully. I’d much rather eat a hunk of cheese!

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I LOVE Krispy Kreme Doughnuts! I can eat a dozen on my own, and yes, I would eat those.

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Nope, I find them to be disgusting so I have to be dying of starvation before I eat one, and by that time, I would have already found my way out of the room, and dying from something different.

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