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In general, how long does it take for British TV shows to be released on Region 1 DVD's?

Asked by KatawaGrey (21461points) November 17th, 2011

I’ve just gotten into the show Misfits and I love it. It’s available on Hulu, but I’ve absolutely fallen in love with the show and would love to own it. However, it’s not available for Region 1 DVD players and, short of buying a Region 2 player, there’s no way for me to watch the DVD’s. In general, how long do British shows take to be available for American viewing?

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Why not just watch it online? works well, or

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@XOIIO: Wow, you always miss the point of my questions. I know I can get them online. I want them on DVD, that’s why I asked about DVD releases, not where I can find them online.

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I think it depends on the popularity of the show and the potential for a US market. Everything that makes it onto BBC America and PBS seems to become available pretty quickly for region 1.

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@KatawaGrey Then buy the region 2 ones, rip them with a tool that can changes the region setting, and re-burn them to other dvd’s. You can even return them after if you have the nerve to go back to the store.

I don’tg et why people don’t just watch stuff online or DL it, DVDs are becoming a collectors item, even if I did get DVDs of something I’ll rip the and keep them safe.

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Buy the region 2 DVD’s and then use something like AnyDVD to strip the region protection. Your PC will play them just like any other DVD.

As to answer your question I suppose it depends how popular the program is in region 1.

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I don’t suppose you have a ps3 or blu-ray player? I’m fairly sure they don’t have regions, that’s the only thing I can think of :\

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@Lightlyseared like I already said, they will need to burn new copies of the DVD if they do that. All retail DVD burns are on non-rewritable DVDs and finalized.

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@XOIIO maybe I was not clear. Install AnyDVD on pc. Play DVD on pc as normal. You can’t play the disc on DVD players without ripping it but you can play it on the pc using which ever media player you like without doing anything else.

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Buy a multi-region DVD player. They tend to be more expensive because the manufacturer has to pay royalty fees for all the regions.

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I had forgotten that when I set up VLC as my default media player, I was given an option for what region format I wanted to open. If you want to watch on your PC, I believe VLC can be region-free.

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@Lightlyseared Oh well yeah, if it’s on a PC region doesn’t matter, I assumed she wanted to watch it on a TV if she wants DVDs

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