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Anyone want to join me in wishing the collective a Happy Thanksgiving Day?

Asked by Adirondackwannabe (36693points) November 24th, 2011

Yeah I know, a little sappy, but it’s that day.

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Happy thanksgiving to all my jellies!

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Happy Thanksgiving! I love you Jellies :)

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Happy Turkey day! Let there be gluttony to the 10th power!

I’ve already eaten half a pecan pie the last 2 nights. lol

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Happy Thanksgiving Day to all and to all just have a great day.
Sounds like a repeat. tehehehe!

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I hope you all have a great day, wherever you may be.

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Happy Thanksgiving!

Packers/Lions, hickory smoked grilled turkey, and lots and lots of beer, @Blondesjon=in his element.

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I really pity Americans not living in America because this is such a big holiday for you guys but just not celebrated anywhere else. I used to work beside an American and one day the other American stopped by and said happy thanksgiving day and they smiled at each other ruefully. The rest of us said, “oh, is it thanksgiving day?”

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Happy Thanksgiving, US jellies. Lurve and hugs to all jellies, everywhere. :)

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Happy thanksgiving to all Jellies in the U.S! I would also like to say, GO RAVENS! Any SF fans, you were warned!

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Happy Thanksgiving to all you lovely U.S. Jellies.

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